Get Ready to Have Your Mind Blown Away by ZTE ZMAX Pro

zte zmax pro metropcs price

It’s still quite hard for the people to associate ZTE with flagship devices. But, still, it’s totally wrong to say that the products from ZTE can’t fulfill the demands of the market. The latest product surely gives a shock to the global market. Meet with ZTE ZMAX Pro. This smartphone was just launched to the market a few months ago and it created a ruckus ever since. What’s so special about this smartphone? Let’s check it out.

The Mind-blowing Price

To tell you the truth, the most impressive fact about this smartphone is related to ZTE ZMAX Pro Metropcs price. By considering that the spec of this smartphone is rather mid-rage, it’s only normal for the market to be so excited when it knows that the phone is offered at $99! Yes, it’s not even $100! Without any doubt, that price alone is capable of blowing us away. But then again, such price is totally nothing if the phone is not good. However, remember that the phone has mid-range specifications. So, it should be good enough. What’s there to be offered by ZTE then?

The Appeal

Well, it’s totally understandable if the phone uses plastic to cover its whole design by considering the price. However, what’s great is that it doesn’t feel like plastic at all. It doesn’t even look like plastic either! The inclusion of matte panel which can be found in the back area of the phone is definitely awesome! The fact that this phone has already used 6 inch screen is also fabulous!


Again, when learning about further specifications and performance of this phone, ZTE ZMAX Pro Metropcs price doesn’t seem to be logical. With less than $100, you can get a smartphone that uses Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 to boost the performance. Then, it has got Snapdragon 617 processor combined with 2GB of RAM. What about the storage? It reaches 32GB! What a fabulous combination to blow your mind away.


Ah, this aspect is somehow quite intriguing for some people. The question of: “Metro PCS uses what network” is rather sensitive because not all people are keen on the fact that it uses Metro network. Yes, there’s no need to cover it up but in some areas, Metro isn’t the best network. But, surely, it is improving. Not to mention, you can actually unlock this device which means you can change into the other network after three months of usage. After all, this phone isn’t a bad investment, right?