Wifi Range Extender

Cover More Ground!


Have you considered how much a Wifi Range Extender might improve your home’s capabilities as a business and casual center? If it’s not something you have thought about, then perhaps you should. These useful and effective tools have satisfied many customers everywhere by helping to eliminate Wifi dead zones and allowing you to enjoy reliable high-speed Internet everywhere on your property. Not only will you take advantage of faster connections in rooms where you previously could not access the Web, but you’ll also be able to surf in places you hadn’t dreamed of before, such as out on the patio or while swinging in your hammock in the back yard.

Without a Wifi Range Extender, typical Wifi coverage tends to be spotty and limited at best. I know that I have, on several occasions, been frustrated with the lack of range that I get from the unit in my home. It’s not a cheap, second-rate Wifi device by any means, yet it just doesn’t send its signal as far as I would like. If I don’t position it properly, it is impeded by walls and other objects that get in the way. And my signal becomes very faint and unreliable when I’m on another level of the house. As someone who often works from home, it’s a major inconvenience. But it’s an inconvenience that can be eliminated with a Wifi Range Extender.

Eliminate Dead Zones With The Wifi Range Extender

You can boost the effectiveness of your existing Wifi network by leaps and bounds with a Wifi Range Extender, enhancing your ability to connect with Smart TVs, video game consoles, laptops, desktop computers and more. A widened Wifi coverage zone is particularly useful for mobile devices, since you’ll be able to capture faster connection speeds (and avoid cellular data charges) in far more areas of your house and property. It is very easy to install, plugging directly into a wall outlet to provide a convenient and discreet set-up. It is compatible with any standard Wifi router and delivers Wifi speeds up to 300 Mbps.

A Wifi Range Extender You Can Trust

This Wifi Range Extender comes from NETGEAR, one of the most trusted names in wireless Internet products. Durable and strong, it operates at any temperature between 32 degrees Fahrenheit and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The Wifi Range Extender covers any standard data and routing protocol, whether it be TCP/IP, DHCP server and client or DNS relay. It also includes an Ethernet port, enabling you to connect a wired device such as a Blu-Ray player, a video game console, a Smart TV or any streaming media player for convenient lightning-fast connection speeds. If you use your house as a home office, or you have many inhabitants using Internet frequently, this Wifi Range Extender is simply a must-have.

Why Use A Wifi Range Extender?

  • Boosts your existing Wifi network’s range and speed
  • Convenient and discreet, plugs directly into wall outlet
  • Enjoy your Wifi connection with mobile devices in far more areas
  • Works with any standard Wifi router unit
  • Ideal for streaming video and movies