Watching Netflix from Tivo? Sure You Can!

Tivo Mini Netflix

Good news for you, you can actually enjoy Netflix by using your Tivo box. Yes, indeed, it is really true and that’s the reason why you should get this great Tivo box right away if you like to spend your time enjoying some great movies and series from Netflix. Here, you are going to figure out even further about how it works along with the tutorial of what you should do so you can enjoy Tivo mini Netflix. So, are you ready?

The Introduction

As mentioned before, you can be really grateful with Tivo box. Based on the Tivo Mini review, users or the people who have got this box are able to enjoy Netflix. Up to 12,000 movies and TV series from Netflix are ready to be enjoyed. How is it done? Well, it’s done through streaming directly from Netflix and brought to your Tivo box. Doesn’t it sound so fantastic? Up to this point, you may start wondering whether you are also able to enjoy Netflix if you are not a subscriber but you already have Tivobox? Well, the answer is “yes”. You can enjoy Tivo Mini Netflix for one month for free! It’s definitely a great privilege for you to try right away, right? The explanation below will let you know about what to do so you can enjoy such great privilege.

What to Do

The very first thing for you to enjoy Tivo Mini Netflix is to sign in to your Netflix account and you should do it from your Tivo box. What if you’re not a subscriber? Well, you can simply sign up for the previously-mentioned free trial privilege for a month. Once you have done it, it’s the time for you to start enjoy the services from Netflix. Go to the Tivo central screen. On the main menu, you will see “Find TV, Movies and Videos”. From that menu, you can go to Netflix. Up to this point, there will be two options available for you: Netflix and Netflix Kids. Choose the one suitable for your desire. After that, you will see the display of your Netflix home screen. Then, you can start searching for the program you want to watch. Whenever you have found it, just simply select it and enjoy.

So, what do you think about Tivo Mini Netflix as what has been mentioned above? Don’t you think it is so tempting? In case you want to sign out of your Netflix program, all need to do is just to go to the Tivo central screen and select settings. Seek for account and system info where you should find Netflix account information. You can sign out from that. If you want to sign in again, do the steps mentioned previously. You will remain signed in even if your turned off the device.