Sony Projector Mobile: Small yet Powerful

Whenever you are looking for a great devices or electronic-related matters, Sony is surely among the big names. It can be said that you can be at ease if you have got the products from Sony. Due to the great reputation, it seems that Sony will never let you down by providing bad products so you can get rid of any doubt and confusion. Here, we’re going to talk about a great product from Sony. To be exact, we’re going to discuss and make some review about the latest Sony projector mobile. Well, it seems really necessary to talk about this by considering how the popularity of this electronic device is really great and it’s highly demanded. The fact that it’s compact is the most attractive value of this device. And for that, Sony tries to fulfill the expectation of the public by launching MP-CL1. It is said that this mobile projector can become the solution for any users. Let’s take a look what’s being offered by the package.

Design and Some Features

Taking a look at the design, there’s nothing wrong with this Sony projector mobile. Everything seems flawless. The weight is only about 210 grams and it makes it so possible for you to carry the projector around without any trouble at all. But, don’t ever see this projector down because of the small size and light weight. It has such nice features which will definitely come in handy. For instance, you can already have Wi-Fi connectivity which definitely is so awesome because you will be able to connect the projector with any of your mobile devices by means of wireless. And another great feature is how the projector has already used laser technology completed with autofocus.

Why You Should or Should Not Get It

Compared to the other competitors, Sony projector mobileis more affordable. Yes, compared to the similar devices, Sony MP-CL1 is offered at about $350 while the others are more than $400. This is definitely a great thing, right? Perhaps, such cheap price is due to the fact that the size is smaller. But once again, don’t ever value this device too lightly because the performance is so fantastic. However, there are also some flaws that you may want to consider before deciding whether you should get it or not. The fact that this projector provides poor audio can be a big turn-off for most people. And then, the ability related to device mirroring is also rather limited. But, then again, with such price, don’t you think it’s still understandable for such flaws to exist?