Streaming Is More Convenient with Roku Streaming Stick

Roku electronics

Ever since the rising popularity of Netflix and the other possible streaming network, people who are so into watching movies and TV series are really spoiled. Moreover, the convenience keeps on adding up with the invention of many devices to make streaming even more comfortable. You must have been familiar with Roku streaming stick. As one of the greatest Roku electronics, it seems quite unreal to know the fact that this kind of device has actually been around for more than two years. Yes, you can’t deny that time really does fly when you’ve been in front of your TV and enjoy such great time on Netflix. Surely, up to this point, Roku electronics with its streaming stick is still one of the greatest options to bring better convenience to enjoy streaming privileges. However, with the heating-up competition especially the one comes from Google’s Chromecast and also Amazon Fire TV Stick, it’s only good for Roku to give some advancements to the current stick. And what’s great is, it did! Let’s get to know even further with the new Roku stick.

More Awesome and Better Design

Judging from the design, you should be grateful that Roku electronics has done such nice job in making the design simple as usual. It doesn’t seem too much to say that simplicity has become the trademark for this technology developer. As you can see, the design is much more slender compared to the previous version. But you will also notice that it has longer touch which is actually a good improvement. This feature itself is able to bring more convenient grip whenever you are using the streaming stick. Well, it seems that you will want to spend more time enjoying Netflix now by considering the controller is even more convenient, right? And even further, there’s a great transition in the color of the stick from glossy to matte black which is also brilliant.

Further Features to Know

Related to the additional new feature included in this stick, to be honest, Roku electronics has also done such great job. It’s proven by how the stick has now got quad core processor from single core. This is totally a great improvement which can boost the performance of the stick to the whole new level. And the most notable improvement can be seen from the ability of this streaming stick to access and stream audio to the Roku app which can be installed in any platform especially Android and iOs. What do you think of the new streaming stick from Roku, then?