Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy Your Music Everywhere

The summer is synonymous with picnics, barbecues and other fun outdoor events. And of course, a good Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is crucial for bringing such outings to life. These great devices allow you to wirelessly enjoy all of your favorite tunes without worrying about your speaker being damaged by the unpredictable elements. The key to finding the right Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is identifying a model that is durable, reliably resistant to water, and still produces fantastic sound quality. The XINGLAN Waterproof Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker delivers all of that and more.

Compared to the other options you will find, many of which are far more expensive, the XINGLAN Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is more powerful and performs better. It is truly protected against wet conditions, and is guaranteed to keep operating optimally when used in the shower, the rain, or around the pool. It’s not designed to be submersed but will likely survive a quick accidental drop. This is an Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker that you can take anywhere, anytime and trust. Plus, with 12-hour battery life that beats most competitors, you can be assured it will last you throughout the day without needing to be recharged. It’s the perfect choice for camping, partying or hanging outside.

The Most Advanced Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Utilizing the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology to push seamless digital audio, this Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is quick and easy to pair with your preferred mobile device. It is compact and portable, and boasts a signal range of up to 33 feet, meaning that you can move about freely and play music even when far away. This Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker from XINGLAN is driven by 5-watt audio drivesr that produce clear and robust sound that cuts through weather and wind so you can enjoy your music clearly. This wireless speaker is compatible with essentially any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone or tablet, including the newest models of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. Wherever your store your song library, you can tap into it full with this outstanding speaker.

Shower Or Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Many owners of this Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker use it routinely in the shower so that they can play their tunes or podcasts while getting ready in the morning, and also take it with them for outdoor adventures so that their music can accompany them. The device’s durable construction and outstanding portability make it an easy companion for any trip. When you account for all of the factors that go into making a great Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker — including audio drivers, bass power, versatility, water resistance, and especially price — this Military Grade Speaker from XINGLAN surpasses almost any other model that we have come across. It’s a tremendously effective and enjoyable wireless speaker at a great value.

XINGLAN Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Advantages

  • Extremely water resistant – survives showers and rain!
  • Powerful sound delivered by 5-watt audio drivers
  • Compact and extremely portable
  • Battery life up to 12 hours
  • Quick and easy to pair with any device