Mohu Antenna Review

If your perception of television antennas is still stuck in the 20th century, your mind will be blown by the Mohu Antenna. We all remember the old-fashioned antenna set-up: a crooked tangling of wires and metal rods that needed to be endlessly adjusted and twisted in order to get a half-decent signal. I can still recall wrapping tin foil around the receiver on my old box TV set, just in order to cut through the static and get a grainy feed of the newest episode of The Simpsons. Fortunately, those days are gone, and the Mohu Antenna, a premium and top of the line leaf antenna offering from Mohu, is beautiful evidence of this technology’s progress.

Mohu Antenna
Mohu Antenna

At a glance, the Mohu Antenna might not really look like an antenna to you, at least not by the preconceived standards that many of us have in our heads. That’s because there’s no longer a need for those cumbersome rods anymore, with the leaf antenna providing a powerful and far more subtle signal receptor that enables you to view all of your favorite network stations in crystal clear HDTV resolution, without the need to cough up hundreds of dollars in monthly cable or sattelite TV bills. Once you’ve tried out the Mohu leaf antenna, you’ll see why so many people are migrating to this superior and inexpensive form of TV watching.

Mohu Antenna Catches Everything You Want

One of the most powerful TV signal receivers in the world, the Mohu Antenna can access over-the-air television channels up to an incredible 50-mile range, with no need for a cable or satellite subscription. The antenna utilizes revolutionary CleanPeak Filter technology, which filters out cellular and FM signals and captures only the television broadcasts that you want. Through this method, the Mohu Antenna is able to pick up a broader range of channels while minimizing outside interference. In 1080 HD, you’ll be able to freely watch popular channels such as FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC and PBS, as well as their digital sub-channels. It’s a sizable slate of great content with no ongoing costs!

The Convenience Of The Mohu Antenna

The paper-thin Mohu Leaf 50 is multi-directional and reversible, so you don’t need to point it in any particular direction to receive a clear signal. The aforementioned days of carefully positioning your antenna rod and then taking great pains not to nudge or move it are gone. With this ultra-convenient Mohu Antenna unit, you don’t need to worry about placement, and the 16-foot high-performance cable that comes included makes it all that much easier to set up the antenna just the way you want it. The device is powered through the television’s USB port, turning on and off automatically with the TV set, so it saves power on its own.