Learning How to Use Logitech 650 Universal Remote Control

Logitech 650 manual

Congratulations if you have already owned a Logitech 650 universal remote control. Your life is going to get a lot much more convenient now. Based on the reviews of this universal remote control, you may have known that there are up to 5 devices and it should be more than enough to make you want to spend a lot of time at home. But, before you use the remote control, it’s always better for you to check the Logitech 650 manual. You will get complete information about how to use the remote control including how to set it up. The explanation below is more or less the same with what you will find on the manual but it’s made in more brief way so it should be easier for you to comprehend especially for you who are interested to get such remote control but you want to know about it even further first.

Preparations and Startup

The first thing you must understand is the content of the package when you do unboxing. There must be three items you have. The first is the batteries. You must have 2 AA batteries as the power source of the remote control. Then, you must also have the remote control itself. Make sure the condition is good and it’s just the same with the image you can see on the Logitech 650 manual or the image from the internet. And the third is USB cable which will be used to connect your remote control to the computer. Alright, let’s start with the startup of this remote control. The very first thing you should do, based on the manual is to make sure you insert the batteries. You can open the batteries compartment and insert them properly. Then turn on the remote control. What you should know about the power source of the remote control is that it’s not rechargeable. You must always use batteries all the time. But, you can definitely use rechargeable batteries if you want.

Next Steps

Then, according to the Logitech 650 manual, it is the time for you to start gathering information of the devices you are going to control using the remote. Such information can usually be seen on the back of the devices. This is important for pairing process later on. And yes, you should also deal with online setup for the remote control. This phase requires USB cable. Connect your remote with the computer using the cable and deal with the setup for the devices. And everything is done. You can start doing some checking to see whether the devices can be controlled using the remote.