Kidizoom Camera: Camera Specifically Designed for Kids

Kidizoom Camera

By considering the massive development in the field of technology like what we have nowadays, it’s only normal that all people are affected to it without any exception. Surely, the kids are getting more aware to the technology and they also have better urge than we used to towards various new devices around us. For instance, you may find how your kids are interested to try your camera and take some photos with it after seeing you using it. Well, this is quite bothersome by considering the price of your camera, right? With that in mind, VTech tries to give the solution by offering Kidizoom camera. Yes, we are talking about a camera which is specifically designed for the kids. Are you interested? Let’s see how great the camera can be for both you and your kids.

The Price and What’s Offered

First thing first, the price of Kidizoom camera is about $39.99 which is totally a lot much cheaper than your DSLR. And with that price, comes 1.3MP quality of the camera. This kind of camera quality is more than enough for the kids. After all, the kids have fun by taking pics and they barely have any idea about what’s great photos actually are, right? As long as they can see the result of the photos they took, it should be more than enough.

Kids-friendly Design

The design is really “friendly” to the kids. It’s made in distinctive and interesting way. You can see how the camera is made in orange color which should be attractive for the kids. And yes, the design is similar to toys. By considering it’s designed for the kids, it’s totally understandable if Kidizoom camera offers further features which should be good for the kids like some games, a few nice and fun sound effects, and the ability of the camera to store up to one thousand photos. Further about the design, well, the camera is covered in totally sturdy material to protect the camera as it might fall quite a lot of time. And yes the material used cover the camera is really safe for the kids which should make you feel at ease.

Newer Version of the Camera

Sure, Kidizoom camera is offered in quite various types including the newest one which already has buttons for zoom in and zoom out. For addition, it also has LCD screen for viewfinder purpose. The zooming ability is about 4x digital zoom which is sufficient for your kids. And by considering its 1.3MP sensor, the result should be similar to phonecam captures but hey, there’s no need to worry about it, right? After all, this camera is a good introduction for the kids to be familiar and have fun with camera.