iPhone 6S Plus Case

Protect Your Precious Plus!

So, you’ve picked up the iPhone 6S Plus, the new crown jewel from Apple’s flagship smartphone collection. It’s time to get an iPhone 6S Plus Case and protect your investment. The higher-end model among Apple’s recent releases, the iPhone 6S Plus has been received very warmly by early owners and industry analysts. But it also carries a steep price tag, running as much as $750. You may have gotten it for cheaper than that through signing a contract with a cellular provider or signing a leasing agreement, but if you break yours, the cost for replacement is going to be exorbitant. An iPhone 6S Plus Case is a critical addition for this reason alone, and fortunately you can find one for very cheap.

iPhone 6S Plus Case

Whereas the iPhone 6S has a 4.7-inch display, the iPhone 6S Plus steps it up to 5.5 inches, all the more cover area for your iPhone 6S Plus Case to protect. Both versions feature the new 3D Touch Screen, a key added functionality that brings numerous new capabilities to the device’s interface. The beauty of these phones is in their sleek and thin design, but that also means that they’re inherently going to be susceptible to damage from drops and bumps. While these new iPhone models are built strong by Apple out of durable 7000 Series aluminum, you’re still going to be at risk of scratches, cracks and worse if you don’t encase yours in an iPhone 6S Plus Case.

Prime Protection From The iPhone 6S Plus Case

Compatible with both the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6S Plus, the iPhone 6S Plus Case is a customized protective outer layer that is designed to greatly enhance the integrity and sturdiness of your phone while minimally affecting the way it feels and performs. The two-piece shell consists of clear, flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and a hard PC bumper to ensure ongoing durability. The case can easily be attached and removed as needed. The materials are reinforced at the cut-out spots so the hold will be sturdy and you’ll get maximum protection from drops on the side or corner, which would normally leave noticeable scuffs and scratches in the metal while also potentially cracking the screen.

iPhone 6S Plus Case Isn’t Invasive

We understand the primary hold-up with picking up an iPhone 6S Plus Case: It takes away from the natural smooth and sleek design of the phone, and it might inhibit your ability to use the iPhone 6S Plus to the fullest of its capabilities. There’s no need to fear such things with this Neo Hybrid EX iPhone 6S Plus Case, however. It is so small, thin and flexible that you will hardly know it is there. The casing is less than a millimeter in width. A raised lip and camera cutout allow you to use your camera and charger port without any interference while still enjoying full protection from damaging drops. This iPhone 6S Plus case is engineered specifically to embrace and enhance the phone’s original design.