Home Surveillance Camera

Home Surveillance Camera

Home Security Simplified

One of the great implications attached to the advancements of camera technology is that it is now so much easier to monitor your home or business without the need for expensive security systems. When you have a Home Surveillance Camera, you can feel confident and comfortable in knowing that you’ll always have an eye on your most important assets and belongings. The Wireless Camera Video Monitor from YI Technology provides a clear and constant stream of any area with night vision and motion detection alerts, giving you the ultimate peace of mind any time you’re not there to keep watch yourself. It’s the most versatile and trustworthy Home Surveillance Camera you can find.

The YI Home Surveillance Camera gives you a wide-angle window to any room or space in crystal clear HD 720p resolution, so you’ll be able to see every corner and every small object at any time with precision. YI Technology is a global company but this Home Surveillance Camera model is specialized for the US, with a localized database for storage, optimal Wifi settings and English language instructions and labels. More than two million of these were sold last year, and it is quickly rising to the top of the Home Surveillance Camera niche thanks to its outstanding design, reliable performance and surprisingly low price point. This product is a money saver in more ways than one.

Why Get A Home Surveillance Camera?

You can’t always be home, but there’s an immense feeling of security and contentment that comes along with the knowledge that you can take a peek at your house with a Home Surveillance Camera and time you’re away. This wireless camera video monitor delivers exactly that, with real-time streaming to your Android or iOS smartphone. Home monitoring is literally at your fingertips with this highly acclaimed camera, which provides a high-definition feed that you can view through your handheld device at any time. This Home Surveillance Camera features a 111-degree lens for maximized field of vision, and 4x digital zoom allowing you to key in on particular areas or items. Sharp night vision lets you see in the dark, so there’s no need to leave the lights on.

Home Surveillance Camera Saves You Money

Getting a similar monitoring service from a professional security company can be accompanied by huge monthly fees, costing you hundreds of dollars annually. But with this Home Surveillance Camera, you spend fifty dollars up front and then there are no subscription fees or data storage costs. The unit includes a micro SD card slot so you can collect and save your own video content without leaving it in the hands of anyone else. Plus, with automated notifications for motion detection, you can be assured that you will be alerted any time something occurs in front of the camera. If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet indisputably effective home surveillance camera system, this is the choice for you.

Why Choose This Home Surveillance Camera?

  • Reliable real-time feed of any location
  • Wide-angle, 720p HD gives you a large and crystal clear view
  • Streams to your Android or iOS smartphone for easy checking
  • Automated motion detection and alerts
  • Less expensive than nearly every comparable competitor