Information You Should Know about Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera

Fujifilm instax mini 8 camera

In this Fujifilm Instax Mini review, you will realize how this camera is actually a kind of basic point for shoot camera which can make it possible for you to get instant photos. At the same time, it’s also possible for you to develop the photos into the ones similar to the photos produced by using retro Polaroid camera. If that’s the kind of camera you want to use to have fun, then, you are highly recommended to get this one and enjoy using this so-called hipster looking camera.

The Design

Talking about the design of this camera, there are actually five colors for you to choose from. They are black, pink, blue, yellow, and white. At a glance, it’s so easy to see this camera as the toy for kids especially by seeing the fact that it’s finished using matte plastic and it has big buttons as well as chunky lens. Perhaps, at this point, you may think that this camera is not really that compact by considering the rather big size. However, surprisingly, the weight of this camera is only about 307 grams which means that it should not be that hard for you to carry this camera around. And for your information, since we are talking about Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 here, the design is actually 10% slimmer than the preceding models. Sure, it may not be that comfortable for your pocket but it is really light.


The use of this camera is extremely easy and it’s also thanks to the great design. The camera has big button located in front of the camera and it’s pretty much everything you need to operate the camera and take some pictures. In order to get the desired quality of the photos, you should play with the lens where you can cope with various extra features there including the exposure. But, please don’t expect to get autofocus feature from this camera. There’s no such thing. To make it simple, this camera is all about basic usage through and through. That’s why it’s so normal for some people to be attracted to get this camera because they want to challenge themselves in using such retro-looking camera which also has such basic operation.

Cons to Consider

Before you purchase the camera, make it certain you to know the cons as well. The biggest cons may be about how you should purchase the films to print out the photos. In the long run, this can really make you spend a lot of money but once again it depends on how much you want to play around with printing out the photos. Aside from that, this camera is totally great. The information provided Fujifilm Instax Mini review should be enough to help you determine whether you should get it or not.