Freedompop Reviews

Freedompop reviews 2016

In case what you’re looking for is the cheapest cellular provider in the nation, then Freedompop is the greatest option for you. However, you should be well aware that this option is actually not really the best you can find out there aside from the cheap price. The following information will let you know about Freedompop reviews 2017 to make it sure you can really figure out what’s being offered by this company.

The Pros

Let’s start with the good things about Freedompop first. This cellular provider is capable of providing cheap wireless internet access. The best tier you can get is the free 500MB. Half-gigabyte should be more than enough for you if you are an extremely light internet user. If what you want is just to open your Facebook account regularly, check your email or you simply want to order food online without any trouble, this much data quota is totally enough.

If you want bigger amount of tier, well, there’s a ranging of 2GB to 10GB. Take a look at the 10GB tier which is offered at $72.99. It does sound like a nice package, right? Yes, it does if you’re a kind of person who is not really that bothered by the speed of the connection. Further explanation about it will be given in the cons section. After all, when it comes to the price, based on Freedompop reviews 2017, it’s quite interesting.

The Cons

Now let’s face the truth. Freedompop doesn’t offer its internet data package along with 4G LTE speeds which is actually really troublesome. The cheap price of the packages will turn to nothing since you need to wait for quite a while for your internet to load a website page. And then again, the customer service of this company isn’t that good. When you check the official website, it’s confusing. The information is jumbling here and there. That will make you want to grab your phone and contact the company directly. However, it’s not an option. The company doesn’t provide by-phone customer services. It only relies on the FAQ section on the website which is totally insufficient and an online forum. This is definitely a huge setback for most people, right?

Now that you have learned about Freedompop reviews 2017, it should be easier for you to determine whether this cellular provider should be your option or not. Compare the pros and cons once more so you will not be disappointed later on.