Details On The New iPhone 6S Camera

Apple is preparing to unveil the latest in its dominant line of smartphones, with the official announcement and launch event expected to take place on Wednesday, September 9th. As usual, the company has been rather protective with sharing details about the iPhone 6S, but there are plenty of rumors and historical indicators that can help give us an idea of what to expect.

Of particular interest are the specifications of the camera, as this is typically one area that Apple focuses on very heavily with the second-gen versions of its phone models. Just how powerful will the built-in iPhone 6S camera be?

iPhone 6S Camera Brings Big Improvements

The biggest of the many rumored developments: It looks like Apple is finally upgrading it’s main camera from 8 megapixels to 12 megapixels. The front-facing camera (aka “the selfie cam”) is also expected to get a boost, up to 5 megapixels, while also adding functionality for flash lighting, panorama shots and slow motion video. Meanwhile, the iPhone 6S camera is believed to support high-resolution 4K recording resolution for improved video. Remember, this is all based on rumor and conjecture from analysts and insiders, but with the announcement date so near, we can feel fairly confident that the details are accurate or at least very close.

This is big news for iPhone fans, as the device grows closer and closer to high-end dedicated digital cameras. The improvements to the self-facing camera, in particular, are interesting, as this will allow for more dynamic photography and also will create clearer and more satisfying FaceTime conversations. FaceTime, Apple’s own brand of face-to-face digital chat, is a big selling point for the device.

Other Upgrades Expected For iPhone 6S

Other anticipated upgrades for the iPhone 6S include more complex pressure-sensitivity for the touch screen, improved LTE and download speeds, increased memory and more. However, from everything we’ve seen, it sounds like the camera is one aspect of the device that will benefit most in this new model.

Stay tuned to Noob Electronics for regular updates, especially after Apple makes its official announcement this week.