Two Options for Cheap Home Projector

cheap home projector

The demands of great home projector seems to be bigger and bigger as the time goes by. Why is it like that? Well, it may be related to the fact that people are now more spoiled in fulfilling their desires to watch movies and some other things like that. It’s also related to the fact that to deal with presentation is a lot much easier and awesome when it’s done using projector. That’s why the popularity of this device is getting even greater. Looking for some information about the cheap home projector is definitely something you want to find right away especially if you are in need for great home projector but you have rather tight budget. So, is there any possible options you can consider out there?

There are definitely so many kinds of cheap home projector out there but you should not just pay attention to the cheap prices only. It’s totally pointless if you get cheap projector but the quality is crappy. You will only be disappointed. Alright, to give you the best options for the home projector by considering the price and the quality, well, here are some of the alternatives for you.

Phillips Pocket Projector PPX4010

Perhaps this projector is among the cheapest you can find out there. You can purchase it at about $296. This compact projector is capable of emitting picture with resolution of 854 x 480. Yes, it may not be that great but it should be sufficient for moderate watching experience to regular presentation purposes. The engine is using DLP type. Related to the rated contrast ratio, this projector can provide 1500:1 which is actually good enough. And for the rated brightness is about 100 ANSI lumens. However, unfortunately this projector has no zooming capability either optical or digital.


This projector is a little more expensive than the previous one. The market price is about $375 and it’s still a really affordable price. Compared to the previous projector, this one has a totally better resolution which can already reach 1920 x 720. And it uses laser scanning for its engine type. If you are wondering about the contrast ratio, it’s about 80,000 and it’s totally a great thing to find from this affordable home projector. Moving on to the rated brightness, CelluonPicoPro has 32 ANSI lumens. Once again, similar to the previous projector, you can’t find any zooming capability.