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only $499.00

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1. What happens when the countdown reaches zero?

The opportunity to purchase will vanish and the domain will be taken off the market for one year.

2. Why is this domain for sale only once a year?

The seller dislikes lengthy negotiations and prefers a simple, swift process for the benefit of all parties.

3. When and how will I receive the domain?

You'll receive within 1 business day (usually the same day) of your purchase at the same registrar where the domain is currently registered.

4. Can I transfer the domain to a different registrar?

You can do that eventually, but not during the transaction. Nevertheless, as new owner of the domain, you can immediately manage and use it for your website.

5. Will there be an extension? Can I negotiate the price? Can I rent or lease the domain?

No extension, no negotiations... anyone can afford this price so it should really be a quick decision. If you do prefer to lease-to-own the domain (at a surcharge), contact us via the chat below.

6. Why should I trust this seller?

The seller values transparency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, adhering to the principle of "Fair Prices, Quick Decisions."

7. What if I have more questions?

You can submit your questions in the chat window below.