Wireless Gigabit Router

Wireless And Limitless!

Going wireless with your Internet connection shouldn’t mean sacrificing speed. The Wireless Gigabit Router from TP-Link is one of the fastest wireless Internet routers you can find, delivering blazing connection speeds that rival or surpass any wired Ethernet connection. Supporting 801.11ac, this TO-LINK Archer C7 Wireless Gigabit Router is ushering in the next wave of Wifi technology, boasting speeds that are up to three times faster than a standard wireless router, so you can download, stream and surf seamlessly with multiple devices. Concerns about bandwitch being overloaded or speeds dragging due to hardware limitations will now become a thing of the past.

Wireless Gigabit Router

This Wireless Gigabit Router includes three external detachable 5dBi antennas as well as three internal antennas, offering both 5GHz band and 2.4GHz band signals in order to deliver strong signals over larger distances. If you live in a large home or an expansive office, this product will provide the coverage and performance you need, particularly if you push the limits of your Internet connection with heavy usage, large file downloads or other activities that tend to eat up bandwidth. Plus, with IP-based Bandwidth Control, you can easily manage the bandwitch of each individual device accessing the network, allowing you to prioritize and prosper.

Boost Your Speed With A Wireless Gigabit Router

In the new age of high-quality media and online browsing, a Wireless Gigabit Router is becoming necessary for anyone who wants to enjoy what the Web has to offer, as it was meant to be enjoyed. When it comes to streaming HD media, online gaming with the latest wave of advanced video games and PC games, or transferring high volumes of data, a Wireless Gigabit Router box is the way to go. The Archer C7 checks in with a combined wireless data transfer speed up to 1.75Gbps, blowing away any non-Gigabit connection. Customers have remarked that this Wireless Gigabit Router can enable extremely high speed Internet even at lengthy distances and in large homes or offices filled with obstructions. It’s top of the line.

Share Your Wireless Gigabit Router Network

The Wireless Gigabit Router makes it easy to share your network with guest users and restrict others as you please. You can set up simple one-touch WPA wireless security with the WPS button, adding encryption that will prevent unwanted neighbors or visitors from swiping your bandwitch, but the Guest Network Access option also gives you the freedom to share your connection with others in the home or office without jumping through hoops. Dual USB ports provide the ability to share files, media and a printer with local devices or remotely using the FTP server. And with Easy Setup Assistant, featuring multi-language support, installing the unit and getting it running will be a breeze.