Wireless Charging Pad

Free Yourself From Wires

You’ve probably seen it in commercials on television, now you need to see the Wireless Charging Pad in action. This futuristic tool enables you to charge your Samsung devices simply by setting them on the pad, by using Qi Inductive Charging Technology. No longer do you need to worry about tangling or misplacing charger cables, and you can get rid of that cumbersome clutter that inevitably overtakes your home when you need to deal with these cables. If you’ve ever tripped over a cord, you know all about the frustration of which I speak. There’s a reason that the Wireless Charging Pad was developed, and there’s also a reason why Samsung owners everywhere are loving these invaluable accessories.

Wireless Charging Pad


Your guests will be amazed when they ask for a Samsung charger cord and you instruct them to simply set their cell phone down on the Wireless Charging Pad, only to see it magically begin gaining power. The pad works with most newer Samsung Galaxy smartphones as well as other Qi-compatible devices, eliminating the need to plug your handheld into a USB port or wall outlet. This is made possible by the groundbreaking Qi Inductive Charging Technology, which has changed the way we look at charging our phones. The small, black, circular Wireless Charging Pad unit fits discreetly into any spot in the house and provides a fast and reliable charge that won’t inconvenience you in the slightest.

Wireless Charging Pad As A Central Station

The Samsung Wireless Charging Pad can be used with a wide range of devices, including the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge. These devices do require a Samsung wireless charging battery cover in order to function with the accessory. However, the newest smartphone models from Samsung, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, are compatible with the Wireless Charging Pad right out of the box and require no added charging cover. The charging pad doesn’t even need to be plugged into the wall to charge the phone, making this a truly wireless experience. Perfect for homes that lack conveniently placed outlets!

The Smart Wireless Charging Pad

There are several built-in perks of the Wireless Charging Pad that make it an intuitive and handy accessory. A built-in LED indicator light alerts you when your phone is charging and properly and when it is not, whether due to a misalignment or another error. With newer devices such as the Galaxy S6, the charger pad’s LED will glow green in order to notify you when your phone is fully charged. You can still use your device for texting, Web surfing, email reading and more while it is charging on the Wireless Charging Pad, allowing you to continue using your phone without interruption and without the pains of trying to work around a cord that tethers you to one particular place in the room.