Winegard Antenna

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Cut The Cable!

We’ve come a long way since the days of wrapping tin foil around your receiver to get a decent television signal, and the Winegard Antenna embodies that reality as well as any other product on the market. Winegard hails its flagship cornerstone as the most advanced antenna on the market, and there’s plenty of evidence behind that claim. This FlatWave Amped Antenna is razor thin and delivers an HD quality picture, allowing you to enjoy network television as it was intended without the need for cable or extraneous components. The indoor antenna from Winegard is a key item for anyone who wants to view their favorite shows and avoid monthly cable bills.

The Winegard Antenna is a premium receiver with numerous perks that set it apart from the competition. The enhanced dual band antenna contains a cutting-edge preamplifier that amplifies 100 percent of the incoming signal for unmatched quality. Despite its powerful capabilities, this preamplifier produces very little noise so it won’t interfere with your viewing experience. The Winegard Antenna also features a USB power supply, which is eco-friendly because it only consumes power when the TV is on. This smart, innovative aspect is sure to be enjoyed by any individual who is conscious of the environment or wants to skim a bit off that electricity bill each month.

Winegard Antenna With FlatWave

The FlatWave technology that comes built into the Winegard Antenna allows you to watch your favorite network TV shows in stunning high definition, while also receiving crisp Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. The cable companies will have you believe that an expensive cable box and subscription package are the only way to get a theater-like television viewing experience but that is far from the case. Take advantage of the opportunity to watch popular shows like Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, 60 Minutes and Sunday Night Football at no cost. You’ll never have to deal with late fees, installation fees, or cancellation fees. Finally, the freedom you deserve.


The Power Of The Winegard Antenna

The dual-band antenna from Winegard enables you to receive amplified HDTV reception for an extended range of up to 50 miles. For people who live in rural areas or other regions that don’t typically get strong signals, this is an option worth trying. Using Clear Circuit technology, the device produces only 1.0dB of sound, meaning that for all intents and purposes it’s virtually silent. You’ll get all the network channels you want, without the fuzzy pixelization and signal drops that are inherent to many antenna sets. The Winegard Antenna is extremely easy to set up, and will pay for itself almost immediately if you, like many others, decide to cut your cable service.

Winegard Antenna Features

  • Ultra-thin antenna is only 2/100ths of an inch thick, and device produces little noise
  • Allows you to watch all of your favorite network programming in high definition
  • Extended range up to 50 miles means you’ll get signals most antennas cannot
  • FlatWave technology integration makes this model top-of-the-line
  • Easy four-step setup will get you going in no time

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