The Smart Choice For TV

For many years, the VIZIO Smart TV has been on the leading edge of high-definition television technology. Not only does VIZIO consistently innovate and expand the capabilities of the Smart TV, but they are also pioneers in offering these high-end products at a truly affordable price. Let’s face it: A lot of leading electronics brands sell these televisions at a cost that is simply out of the realm of possibility for many individuals and families living on tight budgets. It can be difficult to justify spending a thousand dollars on a source of entertainment when you’ve got to worry about food, bills and a mortgage.

That’s what makes the price point of this VIZIO Smart TV so incredibly appealing. This impressive piece of hardware is currently available for only $168, which is one of the lowest costs we’ve seen for a fully loaded Smart TV. It’s not like Vizio has skimped on features and functionality; this 24-inch 1080p LED model is a top of the line TV, delivering over 2 million pixels for extreme clarity and crispness. The picture quality is on the level of top-tier, expensive models that sell for a much higher price. It is truly a sign of how far along technology has come, and how well VIZIO has streamlined its production, that you can find such a product for under $200.

VIZIO Smart TV Is Fully Loaded

What makes a television “smart”? This VIZIO Smart TV carries with it numerous features that make it a one-stop entertainment system for the entire family. With built-in wifi functionality, you can connect to the Internet and use all your favorite streaming video services, from Netflix to Hulu to YouTube and more. The included Smart Remote with one-touch access makes the VIZIO Smart TV very easy to use, even for those who aren’t the most technologically savvy. The set also includes 1 HDMI port and 1 USB port, so you can plug in your other devices to take full advantage of compatibility features. With full integration and a comprehensive set of great usage options, the VIZIO Smart TV wins on much more than price.

Why Go With VIZIO Smart TV

There are obviously a lot of choices on the market in the Smart TV space. A quick stroll down the aisle at your local electronics retailer will confirm that reality. So why go with the VIZIO Smart TV? Well, few other brands can compete on price, and VIZIO is able to offer a low price tag without sacrificing in terms of quality or features. The brand has been around for a long time and has built an excellent reputation. The VIZIO Smart TV provides you with a means to complete many important tasks, even beyond simply watching TV and streaming video. You can check your favorite social networks, browse images, or simply surf the Web. It’s an unbeatable value.

VIZIO Smart TV Specifications:

  • 1080p HD Display with Edge-Lit Razor LED Backlight
  • Built-in Wifi for Easy and Reliable Internent Connection
  • Includes Smart Remote with One-touch Access
  • 1 HDMI Port and 1 USB Port for Cross-Compatibility
  • 2 Million Pixels Deliver Clarity and Crispness