Vent Car Mount

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The World’s Most High Tech Car Mount

In a world of unsatisfactory car mounts for your cell phone, the Vent Car Mount is an appealing option, particularly this high-end model from TechMatte that includes a number of touches that set it apart from the flawed competition. Too often, we see car mounts that are clunky, inflexible or of low quality. What good is a phone mount for your car if it can’t hold a wide range of different phone types, or if it doesn’t sturdily hold your device in place? The TechMatte Vent Car Mount overcomes many of these common drawbacks with a product that is highly impressive in terms of both aesthetics and functionality. We’ve never really seen a Vent Car Mount that delivers on this many levels.

The TechMatte Vent Car Mount has an innovative, minimal design that easy attaches onto the air vent in any vehicle and gives you a full view of your phone’s display without the need for additional clips and attachments. The system for holding your device is sleek and extremely effective, holding any smartphone steadily in place without any need for a cradle or lock-in holder. As you can see from the image, the Vent Car Mount has a compact design that almost makes it difficult to understand how it works, but the glowing customer feedback makes it easy to see that this product gets the job done any then some. And right now, it’s available at an enormous discount.

Super Convenient Vent Car Mount

Rather than needing to be physically locked into a holding apparatus, the MagGrip Vent Car Mount works using magnets. You place the MagGrip plate inside the case of your device, attach the MagGrip magnetic clip to your car’s vent, and then you can place your smartphone on the mount for a strong hold that is free of a distracting arms or attachments. You’ll have a full, clear view of your GPS directions or whatever else you need to see while you’re behind the wheel. TechMatte has been a pioneer in the field of convenient mounts for smartphones and other handheld devices, and this magnetic vent car mount is one of their most highly rated releases.

The Vent Car Mount Works With Almost Any Phone

Because there is no physical holder or arm, the TechMatte Car Vent Mount offers incredible verstality, attaching to essentially any car vent and working with pretty much any smartphone you can name. Among the phones that work great with this car mount: iPhone 6 and 6S models, iPhone 5 and 5C models, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3 models, Samsung Galaxy S3 through S6 models as well as the Galaxy Note line, and Google Nexus 4 and 5. The product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if for any reason it doesn’t work just as you want it to, and also has a 12-month replacement warranty if anything should go amiss. The ease of use and the fact that it works so well with almost any vehicle and phone makes this Vent Car Mount a big seller with stellar reviews.

TechMatte Vent Car Mount Features

  • Easily attach your phone to car vent with no holder
  • Full, clear view of your display without distractions
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Compatible with almost any smartphone model
  • Among the cheapest phone car mounts available

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