The First 8K TV Screen Is Coming In October

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Visual display technology is advancing at a rapid pace, and the world’s first commercial 8K TV Screen — set to become available this autumn — will become the latest big milestone achieved by the industry. Manufactured by Sharp Electronics, the so-called “super hi-vision” model is expected to be released in October.

Up to this point, the 8K TV Screen has been limited to experimentation and behind-the-scenes testing. In general, the public has never had the opportunity to own one. But that is about to change, and it could be the start of a new movement for television screen resolution quality. Read on to gather all the pertinent details.

The 8K TV Screen Is A Big Leap From 1080p

We recently discussed the 4K Smartphone that has been in development by Sony and is the first of its kind. As its name suggests, the 8K TV Screen is an even bigger leap forward from the 1080p standard that has become the norm for high-definition resolution. An 8K display contains a whopping 16 times as many pixels as 1080p and according to BBC, “creates an image so detailed that it can appear three-dimensional.”

With a resolution this high, you can walk right up to Sharp’s 8K TV Screen, which measures at 85 inches across, and even from inches away it will be nearly impossible to discern individual pixels. The long-term possibilities for how this could affect things like sports broadcasts, nature documentaries and video game graphics are tantalizing.

Price Point Is A Sticking Point

While it’s technically true that the 8K TV Screen will be “commercially available” in October, in reality it’s not going to be an option for many consumers due to its exorbitant price point. The set is expected to sell for about $133,000 initially, putting it well out of the range for nearly any individual. The first wave of 8K televisions will likely be purchased by large corporations seeking to test the technology for future use.

Even if we’re still not at a point where you can go out and buy one of these super-HD televisions from an electronics retailer, we’re certainly embarking on that path and it’s going to be fun to see how quickly the technology can progress until we reach a point where such an item is actually affordable for the everyday consumer.

In addition to the 8K TV Screen and the 4K Smartphone, camera technology is moving forward as well with Canon recently revealing that they have an 8K video camera in development, with a ridiculous 120 megapixel DSLR.

They say art imitates life, and with these new innovations, those imitations are going to become more accurate than ever.