The Evolution Of The GoPro Camera

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Back in the beginning, the GoPro camera — a small, attachable unit that can be worn around the forehead to provide a first-person perspective for the viewer — was the tool of thrill-seekers and extreme sports junkies. Being able to share with others the experience of bungie-jumping from a bridge, or hang-gliding through the mountains, or kayaking down a waterfall, was a rather amazing achievement in technology.

These days, you’ll still frequently see a GoPro camera protruding from the heads of these adrenaline junkies, but the device has become far more mainstream, and its utility has grown far more generalized.

GoPro is dropping two new models this fall: the Hero4 Session and the Hero4 Silver. These versions are designed to build upon the durability and sturdiness that make it perfect for capturing stunts and extreme activities, but also include new features that make the GoPro camera more handy for the casual user.

For instance, these devices include more storage, added editing functionality, and the ability to sync up with a smartphone in order to change settings. Upgrades to the GoPro app enable quicker and easier sharing with friends as well as the ability to make edits and cuts on the fly.

More and more, we see everyday uses for the GoPro camera. Dads use them while playing with their kids, to preserve cherished memories. Friends wear them while going for a bike ride or walking around the lake. Heck, people even attach them to their pets to get funny videos from unusual perspectives.

The different uses for these devices are growing daily. Have you tried a GoPro camera?