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Free Yourself From Wires!

In the arena of wireless audio, the TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones have proven to be a winner, offering unparalleled sound quality in a tiny, convenient package. Perfect for working out, doing yardwork or listening on the go, these high-tech Bluetooth headphones deliver reliable sound and hold up under tough conditions. TaoTronics is one of the leading brands globally for audio equipment and accessories, consistently pushing the boundaries of quality and durability since being founded in 2008. The TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones are one of the company’s signature products, with a robust set of features that match or exceed any competing product in the space.

Generally, these TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones can be found at their listed price of $99.99, which is fairly standard for a set of headphones carrying the breadth of capabilities that these ones do, but right now for a limited time they have been marked down to $22.99. That’s a whopping 77 percent savings. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any pair of high-quality ear buds at such a price, much less a Bluetooth-enabled set from a leading manufacturer with the kind of advanced technology that powers the TaoTronics headphones. It’s simply one of the best deals out there in audio electronics right now, but it might not last long so if you’re in the market for a pair, you’d better act fast.

The Power Of TaoTronics Bluetooth

The TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones contain two high-powered audio drivers on both sides to create balanced yet immersive sound. Tapping into the absolute latest advancements, the headphones feature CVC Noise Cancellation 6.0 technology, reducing outside noise and enabling you to hear your content as clearly as you desire. Also included is a built-in microphone, making these Bluetooth headphones perfect for two-way conversations on the go. Want to have a hands-free chat with a friend or family member while you’re grocery shopping or raking leaves? The TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones are the perfect solution, and you won’t miss a single word.


The Comfort Of TaoTronics Bluetooth

Leveraging the newest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, these headphones sync up seeamlessly within seconds to almost any smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth-enabled device, so there are no wires needed to connect them up. One cord connects the two ear pieces, and wraps comfortably around the back of your head. The ear hooks themselves are designed to fit your ears securely without causing irritation or discomfort, even over lengthy periods of time. You don’t have to worry about them falling out, nor ceasing to function if you’re being active because they are sweat-proof. The battery life is up to five hours during playback or microphone usage and up to 172 hours on standby, so you won’t need to charge it too frequently.

TaoTronics Bluetooth Headphones Features

  • Utilizes advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology for exceptional performance
  • High-end audio drivers with noise cancellation for top notch sound quality
  • Comfortable and secure ear buds that are sweat-proof, perfect for workouts
  • Pairs with even the newest smartphones and tablet devices
  • Incredible value with current limited time discount

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