Steam Controller Review

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Head Full Of Steam

Here at Noob Electronics, we take in-depth looks at many of the hottest new items and gadgets in gaming. Today, our Steam Controller Review will break down the merits of Valve’s nifty accessory, which enables you to access a huge library of games through Steam, a subscription software solution that serves as a digital distribution platform for a wide variety of games. This gaming controller carries a number of unique features that set it apart from console accessories like the Xbox One Controller or the PS4 Controller, as well as nearly any gaming controller for PC.

This Stream Controller Review examines the controller for the Steam service, which serves as a more affordable and robust options for video games beyond the console world, where every new game costs 60 dollars or more. On Steam, players pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited access to a digital library of more than 6,400 games. The service has around 125 million active users and has topped out at 12.5 million concurrent players. Steam is compatible with Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, and has a limited client on PlayStation 3, iOS and Android, though these versions do not tap into the full breadth of the platform. Of course, the wide range of game titles and types means that in order for any Steam Controller review to score good marks, versatility will be a primary consideration.

Versatility Of Steam Controller Review

Any Steam Controller Review must necessarily place an emphasis on the device’s flexibility and strength across multiple different genres and categories of games. Steam features a deep library of games covering nearly all types, and fortunately this controller is well suited for essentially anything you will find on Steam. The dual trackpads on the left and right sides of the controller enable precise 1:1 position input, replicating accessories like a track ball, joystick or steering wheel. The Steam controller has fully customizable control schemes that can adapt to any style. You can find pre-made mappings within the Steam community or create you own and share them in said community. This is one facet where the Steam Controller review glows.

Features Of Steam Controller Review

This controller is very well designed, with carefully considered button placement based on frequency of use, precision enhancement and comfort when held by the human hands. The Steam controller is wireless so there’s no need to worry about tangled cords or cables. Its look is somewhat similar to the Xbox controller line however gamers will notice several distinct differences. The dual-stage triggers can be used as analog, digital or both, and work great with any first-person shooter. HD haptic feedback produces advanced rumbling and vibrating sensations to create a fully immersive gaming experience. The ability to seamlessly integrate with games that are designed to be played with a mouse and keyboard, as well as a traditional game pad, make this Steam Controller review a winner.

Steam Controller Review Conclusions

  • Precision control for all games on the Steam service
  • Fully customizable and versatile across many genres
  • Dual-stage triggers, back-grip buttons and dual track pads
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Perfect for both mouse-and-keyboard or game pad titles

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