SimpliSafe Security

Protect Your Home, And Your Wallet

What does the SimpliSafe Security system have to offer? The name says it all: It’s security made simple. If you have investigated the best options for keeping your family and your home safe but have been pushed away by the crazy high prices that large security companies charge for installation and recurring service fees, this is absolutely something you need to look into. When you buy the SimpliSafe Security package, you can install the entire setup yourself in 15 minutes and you’ll instantly have a reliable, interconnected set of pre-programmed sensors that employ the latest cutting-edge advancements in order to yield maximum effectiveness in monitoring your home.


The SimpliSafe Security package is an eight-piece set that includes a keypad, a base station, a motion sensor with 90-degree field of vision, four entry sensors that can guard doors and windows, and a keychain remote that enables you to activate and deactivate your alarm with the push of a button. All components of the package work together wirelessly. The system is capable of not only detecting movement, it also can monitor carbon monoxide levels and can alert you if your water pipes freeze. SimpliSafe Security is the most comprehensive home security system on the market, and provides you with the peace of mind you need when it comes to protecting your home.

SimpliSafe Security Is The Money-Saving Choice

Compared to the alternative options, SimpliSafe Security is an incredible value. When going through a professional security provider, installation alone can cost hundreds of dollars, and almost always carries a locked-in contract that will lead to many more hundreds spent in ongoing fees. Despite the drastic price difference, using these services does not necessarily lead to greater effectiveness. The SimpliSafe devices are tried-and-true, and you can sign up for 24/7 Professional Alarm monitoring for only $14.99/month. Specialists will keep an eye on your system and alert you (or the proper authorities) instantly in the case of burglary, fire, or a carbon monoxide leak.

True Safety With SimpliSafe Security

Here’s the dirty secret about many alarm systems: They run through telephone lines, which means that a burglar could simply cut those lines and bypass the system. The SimpliSafe Security system features a built-in, independent cellular connection that cannot be disabled. That’s just one of the numerous safeguards that helps separate this package from the competition. Here’s another: destroying the keypad does not prevent the system from working, because the “brains” are located within the Base Station, which can be easily hidden. Additionally, SimpliSafe Security protects against power outages with its powerful lithium batteries that last five years. Learn more about home SimpliSafe Security at