Samsung SmartCam

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The Smart Choice 

Have you heard about the Samsung SmartCam? Coming from one of the electronics industry leaders, this 1080p high definition surveillance camera is a top-of-the-line offering, with a robust feature set and incredible powerful software. You can stream video from the camera directly to your mobile device in full HD, with better image quality than 720p, so you’ll have eyes on what’s important to you at any time you please. Regardless of the purposes, the Samsung SmartCam can be trusted to give you a crisp, reliable feed. It’s perfect for indoors or outdoors, light or dark, and comes packed with advanced features and capabilities that you’re sure to love.

Setup for the Samsung SmartCam is beyond easy, requiring no added software. All you have to do is download the free SmartCam app onto your Android or iPhone and follow the steps provided through the setup wizard and you’ll be in business. The camera is equipped with Wi-Fi to make communication with your mobile device a breeze. Want to save recordings? Plug in a microSD card through the dedicated port and you’ll be able to store up to 64 GB of video. The camera can be set to record indefinitely or at specified times through an intuitive interface. Networking opportunities are ample as you can connect up to 10 devices for multi-streaming, creating comprehensive coverage.

Samsung SmartCam Motion Zones

One of the unique perks of the Samsung SmartCam is the Motion Zone Select feature. This enables the user to pinpoint specific areas in the camera’s viewing range where they want to detect movement. Say you have a window on screen, and you’d like to be alerted of movement outside it? Use your SmartCam app to draw an outline around that area, and you’ll be able to receive alerts and notifications of activity only in that space. You can draw up to three Motion Zones within the camera’s field of view. By carefully selecting the areas that you want to focus on, you can avoid unnecessary distractions and ensure that you’re only be alerted when you need to be.


The Power Of The Samsung SmartCam

In terms of hardware and computing, the Samsung SmartCam is at the head of the class. Its 1/2.8-inch CMOS sensor allows maximum light to pass through the lens, creating a vivid and clear picture with minute details. The 128-degree Ultra-Wide Angle lens captures an enormous range of view and the camera’s night vision lets you see clearly in the dark up to 16 feet. Samsung has equipped this product with its Samsung Light Enhancer (SLE) to deliver a clear and visible picture even in dark corners or poorly lit spaces. The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) helps with contrast so that silhouettes or different lighting conditions in the foreground and background won’t cause viewing issues. The Samsung SmartCam is designed to give you a clear picture no matter where it’s facing.

Samsung SmartCam Selling Points

  • Full HD video with 1080p resolution
  • Two-way talk enables you to communicate with other side
  • Motion Zone Select feature lets you choose where to focus
  • Easily stream video feed onto your smartphone
  • Plug in a microSD memory card for up to 64 GB in local video storage

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