Roku Streaming Stick

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Tiny Stick, Endless Opportunities!

As our entertainment options continue to rapidly expand, it’s ironic that our platforms for viewing them keep getting smaller. The Roku Streaming Stick might not look like much more than a USB flash drive, but once you plug it into your television set, it unlocks a world of possibilities, giving you access to all of the streaming media services that you love. At a time where more and more people are transitioning away from cable and satellite subscriptions in favor of the far less expensive combination of an amplified TV antenna and a few quality streaming channels, the Roku Streaming Stick is the ideal option to complement your network TV service.

Roku has a lengthy history of leading the way in terms of streaming media player devices, but the Roku Streaming Stick stands out for more than just its reputable brand name. The tiny, compact design really makes this a convenient and pain-free piece of equipment. Setup is incredibly easy, in that you don’t need to deal with installing a box or connecting cords. You simply plug the Roku Streaming Stick into your television set through the HDMI port and you’re ready to roll. With so many different devices littering people’s entertainment centers, from cable boxes to video game consoles to audio systems, it’s nice to avoid adding another box and instead being able to utilize a discreet and unnoticeable Roku stick. This unit is perfect for mounted TV sets that are difficult to connect with cords and cables.

The Roku Streaming Stick Provides Full Access

As one of the most well established players in the streaming media player game, Roku is able to offer the largest streaming channel lineup out there through the Roku Streaming Stick, with a lineup more than 2,000 strong. Essentially any service you can think of is available to you through this device, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Pandora, HBO Go and many more. Some of these are paid subscription services, but the costs pale in comparison to cable or satellite contracts and the sheer amount of content you’ll be able to access is mind-blowing. Plus, the Roku Streaming Stick is of course extremely portable so you can take all of your entertainment options with you wherever you go.

Go Mobile With The Roku Streaming Stick

The Roku Streaming Stick is designed to provide true mobility in every sense of the word. Not only is it easy to unplug and bring with you on the go, but it offers the slick capability to sync up with your iOS or Android mobile device, enabling you to control your viewing with your smartphone or tablet. Using mobile apps, you can send content like YouTube straight from your phone to the TV screen. Of course, you can also use the beloved Roku remote, which comes included with the Roku Streaming Stick and is heralded for its simplicity and it’s handy time-saving shortcut buttons. As always, everything is broadcast in brilliant 1080p HD quality.

Roku Streaming Stick Features

  • Small, compact design is plug-and-play, and conveniently portable
  • Access the largest library of streaming channels, with more 2,000 choices
  • View your favorite content in crystal clear 1080p HD
  • Control you viewing with either the Roku remote or your mobile device
  • Palm-sized wireless unit eliminates cords and clutter

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