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With Netflix growing fast as the preferred option for streaming TV shows and video, Roku Netflix players are gaining popularity in a hurry. There are numerous methods of accessing and viewing the streaming service, including your smartphone or a Blu Ray player or a video game console such as PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but the Roku Box has risen as the top choice for general consumers thanks to its ease of use, conveniently small size and low price point. Although there are several different types of Roku models available, we feel that the Roku 2 Streaming Media Player is an excellent fit for most people. We’ll list a few reasons below.

Although this isn’t the newest version of the Roku Netflix player, it is the 2015 model of their Roku 2 line and carries all the same basic features and functionality aspects that most people are looking for, at a lower cost. The design of the unit is almost the same as the Roku 3 and this one includes many of the innovations that have taken this brand to the next level when it comes to streaming media players. You can access more than 2,000 streaming channels, ranging well beyond Netflix, and it has the same simple remote with its unique time-saving shortcuts that make it amazingly easy to get the content you want fast and without confusion.

The Fastest Roku Netflix Player

One of the biggest improvements with this Roku Netflix model is the inclusion of a much faster processor that allows you to navigate menus and load content at lightning speed. The intuitive remote that comes with the set has been carefully engineered for simplicity and efficiency, with a limited number of buttons so you’ll never get lost but will never struggle to figure out how to control your device. This powerful Roku Netflix option can display your movies and shows at up to 1080p high-definition resolution. The box also includes a USB connection and a microSD card slot so you can easily add more storage space as needed. Streaming has never been less complicated.


Roku Netflix And More

Netflix is currently the most well known streaming service out there but this is far more than just a Roku Netflix box. While the rapidly rising streaming service is becoming more and more of a powerhouse with original content such as House of Cards, Narcos and Wet Hot American Summer, there are numerous other apps and services that you can load onto your Roku player, and many of them are free or very expensive. This product is viewed by many as a cable and satellite killer, enabling users to cancel their expensive monthly subscriptions in favor of this more targeted and cost-effective entertainment solution. The only things that differentiate this Roku Netflix player from the newer Roku 3 model are the lack of a headphone jack, voice search and some other small features so if you don’t mind going without those and want to save a little money, this Roku 2 box is the way to go.

The Roku Netflix Recipe

  • First model to include Roku’s new extra-fast processor
  • Intuitive smart remote makes it easy to access content with simple shortcuts
  • Box includes Ethernet and USB ports, plus microSD card slot
  • Access more than 2,000 streaming media services
  • 1080p HD resolution for the highest quality entertainment

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