Roku 3 Player

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Stream Of Awesomeness

The days of paid cable service may be numbered, and products like the Roku 3 Player are a big reason why. Enabling the user to access all of their favorite streaming channels, with no underlying ongoing fees, makes this product a winner in an age where media and entertainment are increasingly moving to dedicated niche services and away from big cable TV. If you’ve grown tired of paying for hundreds of channels and actually watching very few of them, the streamlined, customizable nature of the Roku 3 Player is likely right up your alley. For a relatively low up-front fee that will probably cost less than one month of cable service, you can get a Roku box that allows you to access all your favorites.

The Roku 3 Player is the newest and most powerful version in Roku’s industry-leading line of streaming media players. Using the device, you can tap into more than 2,000 streaming channels with access to more than 250,000 movies and TV episodes. The comprehensive entertainment system also allows you to enjoy music, sports, games and more. Among the many, many services you can view on your Roki 3 Player are Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, YouTube, Amazon Prime and many more. Although many of these services require a subscription fee, chances are that you’re already signed up for a few, and many other streaming services are totally free to access.

What’s New On The Roku 3 Player?

So what differentiates the Roku 3 Player from past models? Aesthetically, you’ll find it quite similar to the Roku 2, with its small sleek black body and accompanying wireless remote control. The changes here are mostly related to the hardware and functionality. The Roku 3 Player now offers voice search, so you can peruse and pinpoint your desired content without even needing to pick up the remote. Also included are headphones, which can be plugged into the remote for private listening. The box is capable of displaying video at up to 1080P HD, and the includes ports for Ethernet, USB and microSD cards.


The Beauty Of The Roku 3 Player

Media is growing increasingly fragmented, with entertainment providers starting to move away from the constraints of cable TV. HBO made a big move in this respect when they started offering their HBO Go as an a la carte subscription for those who do not pay for the actual channel. That streaming service, along with hundreds of others, can be accessed through your Roku 3 Player. For many people, this will simply eliminate the need for cable, so the long-term savings are dramatic. The Roku 3 Player is also one of the most inexpensive high-end streaming media players on the market, so the up-front investment isn’t all that bad. Any way you look at it, this device is a big value.

Roku 3 Player Perks

  • Quality 1080P HD video output delivered at high speed
  • Access more than 2,000 streaming channels, including Netflix, Hulu and YouTube
  • Includes headphones for private listening
  • Voice search makes it easy and convenient to find what you want
  • Top rated option for streaming video, games, sports and more