PS4 Really Is Doing Good in the Market

PS4 sales reach 30 million unit

If you ask gamers nowadays about the best gaming console out there, it’s certain that PS4 is included. Some of them may even say that PS4 is the greatest one and it’s actually really normal as well as acceptable by considering the strength of this gaming console. True, the release of this console was really phenomenon. Many people believe that the launch of this console was done to cover up the rather-unsuccessful PS3. We all know how PS3 didn’t take as much duration as the PS2 in the market before it’s being followed by the successor. It’s all because PS3 is acclaimed to be not really that good. But, Sony really has redeemed it by launching PS4 and it really does well until now.

The Greatness of PS4

Since its launch, it’s been reported that PS4 sales reach 30 million unit – if not more than that. Based on the news, PS4 system is sold in up to 124 countries as well as region in the entire world. According to many gamers, this gaming system is said to be the best when it comes to engaging gaming experience. That’s why many cutting-edge game developers decide to launch their games on this gaming console as well. The strength and capabilities of this new console has been proven to be fantastic and almost flawless. When it comes to the graphic capabilities, you can see in various games, this console can really push up the real-ness of the graphic to the most optimal way. That’s why it is said that PS4 is really capable of bringing gaming experience to the whole new level. It’s only normal how PS4 sales reach 30 million unit worldwide and surely, it’s still going to add up.

Isn’t There Any Competitor?

If we see the explanation above, does it mean that PS4 has no competitor at all? Of course, it doesn’t mean that way. To be honest, the biggest competition comes from Microsoft with its latest Xbox generation. In the market, these two gaming consoles are really dominating. But in terms of sale, which one is winning? Well, to tell you the truth, the competition is really tight but up to when this article is written, Xbox is winning but the difference isn’t really that much. It’s estimated that in the end of this year, the combination of sales of both PS4 and Xbox can reach up to 50 or even 51 million. It’s totally a fantastic amount and it definitely breaks the record in the field of gaming market.