PS4 Sales Reach 30 Million Units

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Sony released updated PS4 Sales figures this month, announcing that they have sold around 30 million units since the PlayStation 4 console originally launched two years ago.

The company proclaims that early PS4 sales have been more brisk than any previous version of their leading series of video game systems. According to USA Today, at the same point in the PlayStation 2’s life cycle, Sony had shipped 30 million total units to retailers, so obviously the number of systems that were actually in the homes of consumers was considerably less.

With the impressive PS4 sales figures through these first couple years, Sony has taken a big lead on its primary competitor, Microsoft. Official sales numbers for the Xbox One haven’t been released, but industry analysts have estimated that the total is somewhere around half of that 30 million mark. We’ll be interested to see how those numbers shape up after the holiday season and the big retail boom that it entails.

The number of PlayStation 4 units that are now in consumer households is sure to help boost demand for some of the hottest accessories for the console, such as the PS4 Charging Station and PlayStation Gift Card, not to mention some of the biggest new blockbuster releases.

Why Have PS4 Sales Been So Strong?

Given that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One possess very similar hardware capabilities, and the predecessors for both — PS3 and Xbox 360 — have moved nearly an identical number of units, the lopsided disparity between the latest generation of consoles is striking. Just why have PS4 sales dwarved the competition to this degree?

There are numerous possible explanations. One big factor is that the PS4 launched at a price point $100 lower than the Xbox One, and still goes for a lower cost at most retailers. When you’re already talking about spending hundreds of dollars on these video games, this type of edge in affordability is a major advantage for Sony’s offering. Plus with some of the Black Friday PS4 sales that will be available this week, including some pretty killer PlayStation 4 bundles, this distinction should become more prominent in the eyes of consumers.

Another component of this equation is that PlayStation 4 has a lineup of exclusive games that really carries a lot of weight. The release of Metal Gear Sold V: The Phantom Pain earlier this autumn was a massive hit among critics and gamers and has certainly helped spur the system’s success.

What Do The Big PS4 Sales Numbers Mean?

Obviously, this is very good news for Sony and its flagship gaming system. When there are 30 million consoles in the homes of consumers, it creates a massive base to which you can market software and accessories. This will lead to auxiliary benefits across the board for PS4 goods, and especially for the big new upcoming games. Those who missed out on titles like the aforementioned Metal Gear, or the ported version of the PS3 masterpiece The Last Of Us, can now get caught up. Uncharted 4, due out next spring, will have an enormous audience available to it. And third-party developers might be more inclined to send exclusive titles in the system’s direction.

We’ll continue to serve up info and developments on the console war as Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season play out.