PS4 Media Remote

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If you want to get the most out of your PlayStation 4, you need a PS4 Media Remote. It’s really that simple. Sony’s latest console is the ultimate entertainment machine and utilizing the PS4 Media Remote enables you to enjoy all of its wide-ranging features just as they were intended. The PlayStation 4 is about a lot more than simply playing games, also serving as a Bluray Player and a platform for viewing numerous streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and more. The PS4 controller is great for gaming but it usefulness is limited when it comes to navigating services such as these. The PS4 Media Remote makes it all extremely easy and boasts some additional slick benefits.

Designed for intuitive and convenient usage, the PS4 Media Remote takes some signature touches from the PlayStation 4 brand and integrates them into a fully functioning remote control that works perfectly with any form of entertainment or content you want to consume. The playback controls are designed to harmoniously integrate with the PS4’s Bluray Player and also operate well with any type of streaming content. With navigational arrows and PS4 controller face buttons (triangle, circle, X and square) included, you can easily use the PS4 Media Remote to execute actions within apps that are designed for the PS4 controller. Want to use the “Share” functionality that PS4 users love? Easy. Want to access Options? One simple button press.

Control Everything With The PS4 Media Remote

Not only does the PS4 Media Remote sync perfectly with your PS4, allowing you to utilize the system to the fullest of its capabilities, but it is also a universal remote that can be linked up to three devices in addition to your console. That means that, with one remote, you can control your PS4, your TV, your cable box and your audio system. Once you have achieved this superb level of convenience and efficiency, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. No longer do you need to deal with multiple remote controls cluttering your living room, or with swapping out batteries constantly for a revolving carousel of different remotes. The PS4 Media Remote is an all-in-one solution that does it all.

Entertainment Made Easy With The PS4 Media Remote

In every aspect of its design and construction, the PlayStation 4 Universal Media Remote is engineered to make your life easier. The buttons are situated and positioned to enable quick access to everything you need. The remote is equipped with Bluetooth technology, so it can easily communicate with all of your devices wirelessly without needing to be pointed toward them and without requiring a clear line of sight. Using the PS4 Media Remote, you can take advantage of all the many apps available to you through the PlayStation 4 console, as well as fully utilizing the system’s built-in Bluray Player. You haven’t truly unlocked the potential of your system until you have paired with this universal media remote.

PS4 Media Remote Features

  • Easily navigate PS4’s Bluray Player, menus and various apps
  • Bluetooth capabilities for seamless connectivity
  • Universal remote can linked up to four total devices
  • Intuitive design with all PS4 controller buttons included
  • Officially licensed by Sony

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