Portable Phone Charger

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It’s a constant struggle. You need your phone for so many things, and use it heavily, but when the battery is running low, your stress runs high. A Portable Phone Charger might be just what you need to eliminate this stress from your life, providing you with the peace of mind that when the ‘Low Battery’ indicator starts popping up, you’ll be prepared to get your device re-charged so that you can continue to use it as needed. Compact, convenient and built with premium components, the Anker Portable Phone Charger is a top selling cell phone accessory and has become an indispensable tool for smartphone users everywhere. Turn dead batteries into a thing of the past!

Using this Portable Phone Charger is very simple. Using a USB or Micro USB connector, plug the small cylindrical unit into a power source (wall outlet, etc.) until it has fully charged. Then you’re ready to use it as your on-the-go phone charger when needed. Plug your phone into the charger unit and watch your battery level rise! Anker’s portable phone charger utilizes the latest fast charging technology, with an integrated PowerIQ feature that detects your device to deliver the speediest charge possible up to 1 amp. This product also comes loaded with extras from Anker, including a Micro USB cable, a travel pouch, a welcome guide and a spectacular 18-month warranty.

Portable Phone Charger For Apple And Samsung

No matter what kind of smartphone you own, chances are that it will be compatible with this Portable Phone Charger, which offers excellent versatility. The charger works with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and nearly any device that you can plug in using a Micro USB connector. Your smartphone will receive a fast and powerful charge. If your iPhone 6 is teetering on the brink of going dead, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and completely it charges simply by being plugged into this tiny, lipstick-sized charger unit from Anker that weighs in at only three ounces. The portable phone charger works great with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and many other phones as well.

Best Portable Phone Charger

You’ve probably seen products like this one around, but few can measure up to the size, price and performance of Anker’s hugely popular portable phone charger. Despite fitting easily in the palm of your hand, it holds and delivers a substantial charge and holds up over time. This charger contains premium circuitry and hardware, from its sleek aluminum exterior to a helpful LED indicator light to its superior Panasonic battery cells. Any time you know you’re going to be out and about for an extended period of time with no access to a power outlet, bring your Anker portable phone charger with you and you can be confident that you won’t have to worry about losing touch.

Why Get A Portable Phone Charger?

  • Charge your Apple or Samsung phone anywhere, on the fly
  • Fast charging technology with PowerIQ allows your device to power up fast
  • Incredibly compact design, about the size of a lipstick tube
  • Cheaper than most standard plug-in chargers
  • Comes with an industry-leading 18-month warranty

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