PlayStation Plus Membership

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For casual and hardcore gamers alike, a PlayStation Plus Membership is an absolute must-have. Opening the world of online gaming through the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita, a PlayStation Plus membership also carries a tremendous number of perks that enable users to take full advantage of the awesome Web-connected capabilities of their Sony system. With a unique array of benefits, the PlayStation Plus service delivers tons of value and is easily worth the once-a-year investment that costs less than buying a single new game. Anyone who hasn’t experienced a membership to this premium online gaming service is missing out in a big way.

Connecting with other players and enjoying games as a shared experience, either cooperatively or competitively, continues to grow as the leading frontier in video games. With a PlayStation Plus Membership, gamers can tap into this exciting world of networked action. A single membership to this heralded service works across all three of Sony’s currently active consoles, so if you have both a PlayStation 4 system and a PlayStation Vita handheld, you’ll be able to take advantage of the online features of both through your PlayStation Plus membership. Members of PS Plus receive early access to betas and demos, and have the ability to download trials and test out a new game before making a purchase.

Play PS4 Online With PlayStation Plus Membership

In order to utilize the online gaming functionality of the PlayStation 4 console, a PlayStation Plus Membership is required. This represents a change from the PS3, which offered free basic online capabilities, but the step up to premium status with the PS4 is well worth it. Membership allows gamers to connect and access leaderboards, rewards, leagues and more, with a robust infrastructure and reliable performance. One of the year’s biggest multiplayer games, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, is hitting shelves this autumn, and for anyone who wants to truly experience what this game and other online games have to offer, a PlayStation Plus Membership is an absolute necessity!

PlayStation Plus Membership Provides Free Games

As a longtime subscriber to the service myself, one of the perks of a PlayStation Plus Membership that I enjoy most is the monthly free games that are available exclusively to members. At the beginning of each month, Sony releases a collection of new full games that can be downloaded by PS Plus users at no cost. And these aren’t lame titles you’ve never heard of before. I have discovered some of my absolute favorite games on the PlayStation 4 console, such as Rogue Legacy, Guacamelee and Rocket League, through this awesome feature. In the long run it is a huge money-saver because these free games keep me busy enough that I’m less inclined to go out and buy $60 games at the electronics store. Sony is committed to providing great value to PlayStation Plus members in order to keep them signed up, and this aspect of the membership is one thing that I’ve come to find indispensable.

PlayStation Plus Membership Perks

  • Membership works across PS4, PS3 and PlayStation Vita consoles
  • Robust online gaming with full-fledged perks and benefits
  • New free games to download every single month
  • Early exclusive access to the newest betas and demos
  • Automatic game updates for PS4 and PS3

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