Pebble Time Round Smartwatch: Time’s A Flat Circle

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Wearables are all the rage these days, and an interesting new addition has just arrived in the form of the Pebble Time Round Smartwatch. As its name suggests, this device differs from the majority of existing entrants to the market in that it eschews that square/rectangle screen dimensions in favor of a round, circular display. This is one of the first smartwatches we’ve seen that accurately mimics the design of a standard wristwatch, and we’re curious to see how consumers will react to it.

Pebble has been a popular contender on the wearable device space for some time, and the Pebble Time Round Smartwatch is their first offering with a circular screen. Aesthetically it is undoubtedly one of the coolest and most subtle items we’ve seen in the category; when you’re wearing the watch with its standard default dial display — an hour hand and minute handing pointing to the appropriate numbers circling the outside of the frame — it’s not easy to even distinguish it as an electronics device. But people will be wowed when you tap the screen and start interacting with the smartwatch.

Pebble Time Round Smartwatch: Around We Go

The Pebble Time Round Smarwatch is hailed by its creators as the world’s lightest and thinnest smartwatch, which isn’t a difficult claim to buy when you take a look at the thing. The body of the device is only 7.5mm wide and weighs in at 28 grams. Despite its modest size, it still brings all the base functionality that you’d expect, including the ability to check your timeline, receive notifications, check messages and incoming calls, control your music and listen via Bluetooth headphones, and more.

Company CEO Eric Migicovsky explains the charm of the new Pebble Time Round Smartwatch in this video:

This is the third addition to the Pebble Time series of smartwatches and it’s almost certain to create the most buzz. Wearable devices such as these watches and fitness tracker wristbands continue to climb in popularity.

Possible Drawbacks?

There is at least one substantial downside to the Pebble Time Round Smartwatch, as noted by Anna Scantlin of PhoneDog. Whereas previous iterations of the Pebble Time smartphone have featured battery life running up to a week long, the new rounded version lasts only two days or so on a single charge. Given that the smartphone is inherently a product of convenience, are people really going to accept that trade-off in exchange for a somewhat superficial aesthetic upgrade? The dilemma is particularly striking since one of Pebble’s calling cards has been long-lasting battery life in its devices.

The Lowdown On The Pebble Time Round Smartwatch

If you can get past the battery life concerns, there is plenty to like about this new product. It still carries the intuitive and user-friendly Pebble OS interface, it still boasts all the base features mentioned above, and it sells at a very competitive price, checking in at $249.

Pebble is also a very customer-focused company that funded its original products through Kickstarter, so this is definitely a brand worth supporting if you’re interested in branching out from the Apple and Android families.

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