Nvidia Shield Tablet 2

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What’s Behind The Shield?

The Nvidia Shield Tablet 2 is the comprehensive entertainment system, unlocking the power of Android TV and delivering a huge range of options so you and your family can tap into the very best in TV, movies, streaming content and gaming. Powered by the elite technology of NVIDIA, this is an industry-leading all-purpose entertainment device that gives you the capability to access your favorite streaming services at lightning speed thanks to a quad-core 64-bit NVIDIA processor. The machine’s gaming capabilities frame it as an attractive alternative to video gaming consoles such as the the Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One.

The best way to describe the Nvidia Shield Tablet 2 experience is that it changes your approach from watching your television to playing TV. Utilizing the state-of-the-art NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor and 256-core NVIDIA graphics, the Shield offers an immersive and visually spectacular experience, and is one of the first of its kind to boast true 4K resolution. This leads to unparalleled graphical quality so that you can enjoy your home entertainment center like never before. The price point is a real winner here, as the Nvidia Shield Tablet 2 is currently going for $199.99, which compares very favorably with other players in the industry. You won’t find a better value for an all-in-one device such as this.

Get In The Game With Nvidia Shield Tablet 2

Game time! While the Nvidia Shield Tablet 2 brings all of the streaming entertainment and apps that you’d find with devices such as the Roku Box and the Amazon Fire, but it brings a gaming component with depth that you won’t find with other alternatives on the market. As you can see from the picture, the Shield comes with a video game controller similar in look and function to the Xbox One controller. You’ll have access to the full library of Android games, ranging from the latest breakthrough indie hits to family games that everyone can enjoy together. The Nvidia Shield Tablet 2 also enables you to stream leading PC games to your TV through the NVIDIA GRID service.


Nvidia Shield Tablet 2 Brings 4K

If you haven’t seen entertainment content in 4K resolution yet, then prepare to be amazed. This revolutionary format, referred to as “Ultra HD,” delivers clarity that is unmatched by anything else you’ve seen. Check out your beloved streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime in vivid 10-bit color and with robust Dolby 7.1 surround sound, enabling the Nvidia Shield Tablet 2 to become your home theater machine. Android TV has been constantly tweaked and improved over the years to excel beyond all competitors. Plus, with the NVIDIA Tegra X1 processor, the Shield performs at a level that beats competing devices such as Roku 3 and Fire TV by several orders of magnitude.

Why Go With Nvidia Shield Tablet 2

  • Industry-leading technology for unparalleled performance
  • Stream your favorite entertainment services in beautiful 4K resolution
  • Powerful gaming device provides access to full Android gaming library
  • SHIELD precision gaming controller comes included
  • 16 GB storage, with MicroSD slot for easy ability to add on more

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