New Chromecast Rumors Are Heating Up

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The streaming media corner of the tech industry has been hot lately, and the Chromecast rumors that have been popping up over the past few days are only adding fuel to that fire. The website 9to5Google published leaked documents this week suggesting that a second-generation Chromecast is on the way, and could be officially announced later this month.

With Apple and Amazon both launching new versions of their streaming media hardware — Apple TV and Fire TV — this autumn, the Chromecast rumors indicate that Google is trying to keep pace. The Chromecast is a digital media player stick that can be plugged directly into a television and stream video and audio content in high definition.

Inside The Chromecast Rumors

Among the features highlighted in these Chromecast rumors are improved Wi-Fi, support for music apps like Spotify and backdrop feeds. The report also posits that unlike previous versions, the new model may be plugged directly into an audio speaker via auxilary cord, allowing you to enjoy your music without needing a TV or monitor.

Another rumored feature is the “Fast Play” option, which takes advantage of the unit’s heightened Wi-Fi capabilities to allow much quick connections and playback. Using the “Cast” button, you’ll be able to skip through the menus and navigation, jumping directly into your content. This would be a big fix for one of the original Chromecast’s biggest drawbacks, allowing it to compete with efficient streaming media players like the Roku box.

Kind Of Funny Looking

One thing that has caused some skepticism over the alleged leak is the images of the new Chromecast that came attached to the 9to5Google report. As you can see below, the prototypes look like some kind of Christmas ornament or fishing bobber, eschewing the slick Flash card style design that the original product had.

New Chromecast

If the Chromecast devices shown in the pictures are real, it could be that extra space was needed to contain the upgraded components, and Google settled on this as the most effective way to encapsulate everything. Still… eh.

When Will We Learn More?

Google is holding is major event on September 29th so we should see these Chromecast rumors addressed then. The expectation is that we’ll get official word of the second-generation model, as well as some other new projects that the Internet giant has had under development.

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