Microsoft Surface Book Revealed

Move over Apple. The Microsoft Surface Book is coming, and it’s looking to make a considerable dent in the laptop computer game.

The Microsoft Surface Book was officially unveiled today at Microsoft’s event in New York on Tuesday, with corporate VP Panos Panay calling it “the ultimate laptop.”

That’s a hefty claim. Is it substantiated by the facts and specs?

Microsoft Surface Book Specs

The first product in the popular Surface line of devices to include a keyboard, the Microsoft Surface Book will feature a 13.5-inch screen with pixel density of 267 PPI, capable of displaying more 6 million pixels. Microsoft claims that the Surface Book is twice as fast as the Macbook Pro from Apple. It runs Nvidia’s GeForce graphics processing unit with high-speed GDDR5 memory, and contains the latest Intel Core i5 and i7 processors. The display is touch-enabled and can be used in conjunction with the Surface pen stylus. The Surface Book is compatible with Windows 10, the latest update to Microsoft’s classic operating system.

Microsoft claims that the unit will keep running for 12 hours on a single charge. Good for a tablet, spectacular for a laptop. Speaking of that juxtaposition…

Microsoft Surface Book: A Laptablet?

One of the coolest features of the Microsoft Surface Book, differentiating it from similarly powerful products on the market, is that they keyboard component is detachable, allowing you to transform the device from laptop to tablet. This is where the touch screen capability (ordinarily a little odd for a laptop) comes into play. When used as a tablet, the Surface Book blows all its competitors out of the water, with its huge 13.5-inch display towering over the rest and its high-end hardware delivering the processing power of a computer in a standalone handheld.

The ability to run desktop Windows OS on a sophisticated, giant tablet could make this a true breakthrough product for Microsoft.

When Can I Get It? And How Much?

The Microsoft Surface Book will become available for purchase later this month, on October 26th, with preorders launching on October 7th. The introductory price point is $1,499. Products such as the Nvidia Shield Tablet retail at a lower price and might be the better choice for casual consumers, but the Surface Book laptop is a computing Goliath and will be the perfect comprehensive tool for a heavy user that wants a versatile business device with excellent entertainment capabilities as well.

It’s a huge step forward for the Surface product line and we’ll curious to see how it will prompt Apple to react going forward. Could we see a fusion of the Macbook Pro and iPad? Or will the always inventive and imaginative Apple carve out its own path to counter this slick innovation from its longtime competitor?

Only time will tell. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the new developments with the Microsoft Surface Book, and other new gadgets, here on Noob Electronics.