Comparison of Logitech 650 vs 700

Logitech 650 vs 700

Just imagine how you can control many of your devices with just one remote. Don’t you think it will be so convenient for you? You don’t need to get the other remote if you want to move from controlling your TV to your AC. But, does such kind of remote control exist? Good news, it does exist. What we are talking about before is actually related to universal remote control. Like its name tells you, you can really expect to control many devices with just one remote. In the market, you will find many kinds of this remote control. If you want to get the best, you may want to consider getting Harmony universal remote control series especially Logitech Harmony 650 and 700. But, of course, it’s totally a waste if you get both of them. So, what should you choose when it comes to Logitech 650 vs 700? Let’s make some comparison.


To figure out the best one from Logitech 650 vs 700, the best thing to do is to compare the features. But, before that, let’s try to see the similarities of those remote controls. To tell you the truth, there’s only one similarity. The design seems to be similar. And yes, from the design, you can really see that they are high quality controllers. You can see the quality of the materials used to make the remote controls. And it’s also convenient in your grip. The size is also just perfect to make it quite easy to spot when you’re looking for the remote control but you will also find it not that big as well.


About the comparison of Logitech 650 vs 700, let’s start by comparing the amount of the devices which can be handled by both remote controls. For Harmony 650 remote, you can expect to control up to 5 devices only. Meanwhile, Logitech 700 is capable of handling 6 devices at once. There’s one device in difference. For some people, it can be really vital. Then, moving to the power source, you can see how Logitech 650 is using batteries while Logitech 700 is using rechargeable technology which means that you don’t need batteries to operate it. Related to this feature, you can see how Logitech 650 may be a little bit troublesome since you need to purchase batteries to replace the old ones. But, you basically can do something about it by getting rechargeable batteries. And then, about the prices, there’s actually only $25 in difference. In my opinion, it’s better for you to get the 700 one by considering such difference in the price. By spending $25 more, you can add one device to control and there’s no need to be bothered by getting battery replacements.