iPhone 6S Screen Protector

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With Apple’s new smartphone model set to drop later this week, it’s time to think about an iPhone 6S Screen Protector. As these devices become increasingly powerful and advanced, the importance of preventing damage and wear continues to grow. With the amount that a new iPhone costs, you’re doing yourself a real disservice by not protecting your investment in any way you can. Fortunately, Maxboost offers one of the most critically acclaimed iPhone screen protectors on the market, perfectly suited for the new version, and right now you can get yours at an absolute steal. With an original list price of $29.99, the iPhone 6S screen protector is currently available for a mere $7.98, saving you 73 percent.

An iPhone 6S Screen Protector is a necessary companion to your brand new phone. There are simply too many ways that you can scratch or damage your screen without one. Among the added features for the iPhone 6S is an upgraded display with improved resolution and a new functionality that enables touch pressure sensitivity. This only makes the need to protect your screen all the more urgent. Any chips or scratches will not only cause a saddening decline in the device’s aesthetic appeal, but it also might affect the screen’s function. It’s all too easy to drop your phone or accidentally scratch it while in your pocket or purse. Why take that risk?

iPhone 6S Screen Protector Won’t Bug You

One of the main hold-ups that people have when it comes to considering an iPhone 6S Screen Protector is an understandable one: Adding a barrier in front of the screen could inhibit the phone’s display or performance in some way. However, you can rest assured that with Maxboost’s iPhone 6S screen protector, you’ll experience no real changes in the way you interact with the device. The clear, plastic protector is proclaimed to the world’s thinnest at 0.2 mm. The high-definition hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating gives you 99.9% visibility and is 99% touch accurate. In other words, you are unlikely to notice any difference with the protector attached.


What Does The iPhone 6S Protector Guard Against?

This reliable clear coating, engineered under Apple’s design guidelines, helps protect your phone from a number of different issues. Outfitting your device with an iPhone 6S screen protector from Maxboost will drastically reduce the chances of major damage from high-impact drops, bumps, scrapes and scratches. It also prevents smudging on your phone that can be inherent when the sweat and oil from your fingertips comes into contact with the screen. Despite its low price point, the protector comes with a lifetime no-hassle warranty, so you can feel comfortable knowing that your purchase is backed up and will last you as long as you need.

iPhone 6 Screen Protector Perks

  • Provides reliable protection against scratches, scrapes, drops and smudges
  • With 99.9% high-def clarity and 99% touch sensitivity, it won’t inhibit performance
  • Designed to work perfectly with the new 3D Touch functionality on iPhone 6S
  • Works with both iPhone 6S and the original iPhone 6 model
  • Easy installation and lifetime warranty

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