iPhone 6s Release Date, Other Details Announced

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“The only thing that’s changed is everything,” says Apple of its new model, which was officially unveiled yesterday when the company announced the iPhone 6s release date and other specifications.

iPhone 6s Release Date and Specs

Plenty of upgrades are in store for the latest iteration in Apple’s dominating line of smartphones. Among the new features: a faster and more energy efficient processor, a vastly improved iPhone camera (now up 12 megapixels, as opposed to 8 megapixels for the iPhone 6), a smaller (but equally effective) battery, faster LTE speeds and a new 3D Touch functionality that enables you to execute different actions based on how much pressure you apply when pressing down on the screen.

The iPhone 6s release date has been set at September 25, 2015, so excited Apple fanboys and fangirls have only a couple of weeks to preorder and set up their campsite outside an Apple Store.

What Makes The iPhone 6s Better?

Which new additions are we most excited about for this updated model? Well, with many of the hardware components remaining quite similar to the original iPhone 6, it comes down to user interface. In that respect, there are several noteworthy things going on here. The 3D Touch feature is a great innovation, adding tons of depth to the customary act of tapping or pressing your phone screen to activate buttons or initiate some other action. Now, you can accomplish different things based on how hard you press; a light tap might give you a preview window whereas a firm push may actually send you to a new area. There are numerous applications for this technology and we’re excited to see what is done with it.

Motion wallpapers are another slick capability of the new phone. Rather than always needing static images as your background, you can have animated, living visuals. Many other types of smartphones have offered this capability in the past but for Apple it’s a new frontier.

One other cool function added for this model is the “Hey Siri” feature. iPhone 6s owners will now be able to activate Siri — the phone’s built in, voice-activated helper — simply by saying the words “Hey Siri,” even when the screen is off and the phone is not being used. It’s a handy shortcut that should save some time.

Better, Faster, Stronger

As mentioned above, much of the physical structure of the iPhone 6S is similar to its predecessor, but one change that will delight anyone who had concerns about the “Bend-gate” drama (many owners complained of their device bending while in their pocket), is the new material that comprises the phone. Apple now uses the enhanced 7000 Series aluminum, which was used to create the durable Apple Watch. This should make the iPhone 6S more sturdy and far more difficult to bend.

With the iPhone 6s release date rapidly approaching, we should start seeing these devices out in public very soon.

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