Comparing Harmony 700 and 650, Which One Is Better?

Harmony 700 vs 650

Sometimes, it’s quite hard for you to make the right choice even if you are comparing different products within the same brand. For instance, let’s take a look at how you are in the middle of searching the most proper universal remote and you figure out that one of the highly recommended brands out there is Harmony. This brand is totally great but you may be confused because there are several more specific options available. For example, it may be quite troublesome for you to determine whether you should get Harmony 700 vs 650. To tell you the truth, this Canadian brand is surely one of the best you can find out there. So, are you ready to make your choice?

Tips in Choosing the Right Remote

Of course, it is the time for you to compare Harmony 700 vs 650. But, before we do that, it’s always a good idea for you to understand some tips so you can really find it a lot much easier in determining the right and most suitable Harmony remote for you. Then, what are the tips?

  1. It’s always good for you to know how many devices or products you are going to control using the remote control. This is related to the functionality of the remote. The more the devices you want to control, it means you should get the greater one.
  2. Always consider the price as well. And for this one, it is highly recommended for you to get the actual price rather than the retail one. Do you know why? It’s usually cheaper that way.
  3. Consider getting RF or radio frequency feature. This kind of feature is so great but surely, you should be prepared to spend some extra money for it. But, it’s definitely a nice investment.

The Comparison

Alright, you have learned 3 great tips on what to do before purchasing the right remote, it’s time to compare Harmony 700 vs 650. There are basically 6 aspects to consider. They are the amount of devices to be controlled, control compatibility, the existence of LCD screen, option for recharging, the ability to support custom sequence, and last but not least is the price.

Among those 6 aspects, between Harmony 700 and 650, they share the same results for the control compatibility in which both are using IR or Infra-Red. Both also have LCD screen. And both also support custom sequence. As for the amount of the devices to be controlled, Harmony 700 is better than Harmony 650 remote as Harmony 700 can control 7 devices while Harmon 650 can only handle 6 devices. Harmony 650 doesn’t provide rechargeable option but surely, you can use rechargeable batteries. As for the prices, there’s a big gap between those two. Harmon 700 is offered at $120 while Harmony 650 is offered at about $70.