Fitbit Wristband Review

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The Perfect Fit! 

As health and wellness continue to become an increasingly prevalent focus and priority in our society, the Fitbit Wristband is growing in popularity very quickly. In a world of wacky diet plans and frivolous fitness fads, the Fitbit Wristband provides a legitimate, proven method for tracking your activity and ensuring that your daily routine is moving you in the direction you want to go. This small black strap, worn around the wrist, monitors a wide range of elements and delivers important feedback that you can use to maximize your workouts, improve your sleep quality, and boost your overall health. It is the No. 1 best-selling fitness tracker on the market.

The Fitbit Wristband was one of the pioneering product lines in the fitness tracker movement and the technology that drives it has come along way over the years. The unit is now more slim and comfortable than ever, and the data it provides are more accurate and comprehensive than in previous iterations. Throughout the day, your Fitbit monitor will track the number of steps you take, the steps you climb, the distances you cover, the calories you burn and the amount of time you spend being active. Using this information, you can set and exceed goals, allowing you to easily stay on the path to weight loss or whatever goals you might set for yourself. Fitbit is a tool that takes your wellness efforts to the next level.

The Fitbit Wristband Heart Rate Monitor

The functionality of the Fitbit Wristband doesn’t stop at counting stats. Another part of the device’s core functionality is monitoring heart rate through the PurePulse system, which is able to attain readings directly through the wristband with no need for an uncomfortable strap-on chest monitor. You can keep an eye on your heart rate all day and all night, and the Fitbit gives context to the numbers by arranging them into easy-to-understand simplified heart rate zones. This feature is especially useful during workouts as it allows you to determine which activities and exercises move you into certain ranges. Finding the proper workout intensity is a breeze with the Fitbit.


Improve Your Sleep With Fitbit Wristband

Sleep is an underrated aspect of wellness. Getting a good night’s rest is absolutely vital to feeling good and keeping your body operating at its optimal levels. Many individuals who have sleep problems aren’t even necessarily aware of them. This is why the sleep monitoring capabilities of the Fitbit Wristband add another dimension to its utility. When worn in bed, the wristband can pinpoint your sleep length and quality based on your movements over the course of the night. Another excellent feature is the silent alarm, which awakens you peacefully through vibrations. If you sleep in the same bed or room as another person who gets up later than you, rest assured that they will appreciate your Fitbit Wristband almost as much as you do!

Fitbit Wristband Features

  • Track activities, distance, heart rate and much more throughout the day
  • Link up to your smartphone for detailed stats and graphs
  • Automatically monitor sleep quality and awaken with silent alarm
  • OLED display is easy to see any time of day or night
  • Long-lasting battery supports up to five days of continuous tracking

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