Desktop USB Charger

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Charging Freedom

Do you have multiple handheld devices that you are constantly needing to charge? Live with friends or family members who fight over outlets and charger ports to make sure their smartphones stay powered up? The Desktop USB Charger from Anker may be just what you’re looking for. This versatile and powerful charger includes five different ports, including two with the revolutionary PowerIQ technology that detects your device type in order to optimize charge speeds and make sure that you get your juice as quickly as possible. Anker consistently produces the most highly rated cell phone accessories and this outstanding desktop USB charger is one of their most popular offerings.

The Desktop USB Charger is made necessary in a world where people deal with so many different electronics that need to be powered up at all times. Making sure that your phone or tablet has ample battery life can be important not just for your social life, as these tools are used by many to stay connected with friends and family, but also for your professional life, as handheld devices are vital to many lines of work. Many of us can’t afford to miss that critical email from a coworker, or that key website update after hours. With a desktop USB charger that keeps all of your devices charged and ready, you’ll never need to worry.

Desktop USB Charger Does It All

Compatible with a huge range of different smartphones and tablets, the Desktop USB Charger ensures that you’ll always be ready for anything. Using the five different USB ports, you can charge your iPad tablet and your Samsung Galaxy phone at the same time as your roommate charges her iPhone 6S. Heck, others can still get in on the same power port simultaneously. You won’t find many charging stations that offer this much flexibility and utility, and this one comes from an Anker brand that has developed a rock-solid reputation for building innovative components and accessories of superior quality, like the ultra-handy Portable Phone Charger. This is a product that you can trust for the long-term.

This Desktop USB Charger Works Fast

In addition to three standard USB charging slots, the Anker Desktop USB Charger features two PowerIQ slots, which delivers optimized device-specific charges for newer handhelds and gets your back to 100 percent faster than any standard charger. Built with premium circuitry, this USB charger is certified for safety and is as reliable as phone accessories come. If you have any doubts about that reliability, it should be alleviated by Anker’s industry-leading 18-month warranty and easy-to-reach customer support, guaranteeing your satisfaction with the product. Your devices are in good hands with Anker and the fantastic Desktop USB Charger.

Desktop USB Charger Advantages

  • Charge up to five smartphones or tablets simultaneously
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices from Apple, Samsung and more
  • PowerIQ technology enables ultra-fast charging compared to standard options
  • Small and portable design makes it easy to take with you
  • Backed by 18-month warranty and outstanding customer support

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