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Home Entertainment Evolved!

Turn your living room into the ultimate home entertainment center with a Crenova projector! While big screen television sets are increasingly popular, they’re also expensive and bulky, and they can’t come close to matching the cinematic effects achieved by hooking a Crenova projector up and letting the projected image fill your room and draw you in like no other form of media viewing. You can delight your family and guests by replicating the movie theater experience in your own home. Crenova’s top-of-the-line box comes equipped with everything you’ll need to create an epic home theater cinema at a very reasonable price.

The Crenova XPE600 Portable HD Projector includes cutting-edge 2600 Lumens LED as its light source for transparency and clarity like you’ve never seen. The Crenova projector produces an image that can expand up to 80 inches in width — a larger picture than all but the most high-end and pricey television sets. Projection technology has come a long way in recent years, so while your past experiences might make you think of a fuzzy or flickering display, that is far from the case with this powerful unit. The projector produces a clear, high-definition picture at 800 by 480 resolution and supports 1080p HD. You’ll lose nothing in the translation.

Use The Crenova Projector With Anything

Want to increase the size of your television display? Hook the Crenova projector up with an HDMI cable and take your TV viewing to the next level. Want to blow up a video or image from your laptop or iPhone? That’s simple enough. Crenova’s model works with tablets, PCs, USB drives, smartphones and just about any other media playing device you can think of, and supports MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) functionality. There are three different ways you can orient the projection — front, rear, and ceiling — and the image can be reversed 360 degrees so you have endless flexibility for positioning. The projector produces video as well as audio output.


Crenova Projector For Business

The usage of the Crenova projector is not limited to media and entertainment by any means. It’s also an extremely valuable business tool. If you’re holding a conference and want to present from your laptop or handheld device, the projector is the perfect tool for displaying content to a large audience. You can adjust the size as needed, and viewers will be amazed by the quality and brightness of the picture. They’ll also be impressed by how much energy you’re saving; the Crenova projector uses the latest Smarteco Lampcare Technology, with LED bumbs that save up to 70 percent energy and can live for up to 20,000 hours. The company also offers free lifetime bulb replacement.

Why The Crenova Projector Wins

  • Glass lenses and six layer coating produces clear image for easy viewing
  • Connect to almost any viewing device, from smartphones to laptops to TVs and more
  • 2600 Lumens LED light source, with bulbs that last up to 20,000 hours
  • Easily customize the size and orientation to fit your viewing environment perfectly
  • New-age energy-saving technology

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