Beats Pill+ Bluetooth Speaker Is Looking Great

Making its first new product release since being acquired by Apple last year, Beats is bringing the Beats Pill+ Bluetooth Speaker to shelves this autumn and the portable audio device has the makings of a big hit. Packing numerous desirable features and impeccable hardware into a conveniently sized and shaped frame, while also bearing the vaunted Apple name, the Beats Pill Plus Bluetooth Speaker is sure to be a hot seller as the holidays approach.

The Beats Pill+ Bluetooth Speaker marks a milestone as the inaugural model released by the audio accessory giant since being acquired by Apple for about $3 billion in the summer of 2014. We’ve already seen some crossover between the two brands, including the exclusive Apple Music release of Compton: The Soundtrack, the recently released album from Dr. Dre (a cofounder of Beats Music), but now that synergy is carrying over into the retail product space.

Apple And The Beats Pill+ Bluetooth Speaker

Take a look at the design of the Beats Pill+ Bluetooth Speaker and you can find Apple’s fingerprints all over it. Some slick new structural implementations that make the speaker more stable and sturdy while maintaining its appealing aesthetic qualities. Whereas past versions have been more rounded, the Beats Pill Plus flattens out the top and the bottom of the unit so that it is easier to place on a surface such a countertop or table without worrying about it rolling or moving on its own. Considered a mid-sized portable Bluetooth speaker, the Beats Pill Plus is a little bigger than the previous Beats Pill speaker but is smallrer than the Pill XL, a clunky product that is no longer being manufactured.

The other big Apple infusion for this Beats Pill+ model? It now includes an Apple Lightning port for charging, meaning that you can charge it with the same cables you use for your current-generation iPhone and iPad. You can also use this charger port to charge other devices from the speaker itself, which is an awfully handy feature. Of course, if you do need an extra Lightning charger cord, the Cheap Apple Charger from AmazonBasics is a good supplementary acquisition.

Other Features Of The Beats Pill Bluetooth Speaker

Beyond those distinctly Apple-flavored touches, the Beats Pill+ has plenty going for it to make it a leader in the portable Bluetooth speaker category. The company claims that it will offer 12 or more hours of playback on a single charge, comparing favorably to items such as Jambox and Harman. The Beats speaker uses sophisticated acoustic mechanics that are present in professional recording studios, creating an optimized field of sound that enhances music from any genre. With the Beats name attached, you can bet that this device will specialize in pumping up hip-hop and dance tracks that bring heavy bass and drum elements.

Beats Pill Plus Price

The Verge has gone so far as to call the Beats Pill+ the best speaker ever from the brand . Granted, that’s not an earth-shattering statement since historically Beats has been known more for its premium, high-end headphones than for its speakers, but it’s still a strong endorsement for the new product.

So, how much will it cost to pick up your own Beats Pill Plus Bluetooth Speaker when they become available in November? The price point is $229.95, which is higher than a lot of alternatives on the market but, then again, you’re paying for the latest cutting-edge hardware and the trusted brand names that are Apple and Beats. We expect this one to sell pretty well, especially in frenzied retail environment of November and December.